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Ash Borer is an incredibly special band. The sounds that they manipulate and create are so rich and powerful – their live performances are trance inducing and cosmically cathartic. Originally hailing from Arcata, California, they now are spread out all over the Pacific Northwest. I’ve followed this band for a number of years now. I really fucking dig and support this group of musicians. They’ve put out a bunch of Killer releases and played some of the best shows I’ve witnessed. A few years back I booked their tour kickoff show with Fell Voices in a garage in West Oakland – It was packed and a really fun time. Those two bands killed that night and im sure they did every night on tour.

I heard prior to the show that this would be one of their last Bay Area shows as Kyle(Guitarist/Vocalist) was gonna be moving away shortly. They are going to be playing Roadburn next year and after that are planning to take some time off. I have to say that’s such a killer way to go out – getting to play Europe with your best friends – doesn’t get much better than that…An MDF date would be pretty cool too. Anyway I definitely go out of my way to make sure I catch this band when they perform locally and this time was no different. They were devastatingly good, they followed Black Fucking Cancer whom ripped open a portal to hell before them in this packed hot converted ex-temple in East Oakland. Gnarly spot for shows, one of my favourite places in the Bay. It was raining and the smoke was flowing and this performance followed.

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  • Robert Dornenburg

    It’s lame that they aren’t doing a full US tour, but such is life.

  • Karl Thrasher

    “It was raining and the smoke was flowing and this performance followed”: THAT!!!