Official ELECTRIC WIZARD Playlist for CVLT Nation

To say we’re happy with ELECTRIC WIZARD’s newest offering, Wizard Bloody Wizard, would be an understatement, because we’re massively fucking hyped on it! This band proves once again why they are legends of doom – they take the history of heavy music and sculpt it in their own blasphemous image. If you haven’t put in your order for this record we highly recommend you do that right here and now! Today we’re very happy to share a playlist of Electric Wizard’s influences compiled by frontman Jus Oborn. If you wanted to know what led to the creation of their newest masterpiece, don’t ask, just listen…

With this new LP, we have been asked a lot what were the musical influences on this record, and it’s always impossible to answer. We are influenced by hundreds of songs and pieces of music – whether it’s the vibe, the production, the riffs, the lyrics etc etc. All the tracks on this have the seed of an idea which blossomed into Wizard Bloody Wizard and the whole vibe across the tracks is the vibe we wanted for the LP…a real raucous, rock n’ roll feeling, but with a dark, sadistic atmosphere. It’s mostly early 70’s metal and acid rock with a mixture of obscure underground shit and some real classics but, yeah, that’s what we’ve been digging.


Honorable mentions:

Message – Painted Lady

Master Danse – Feelin Dead

Orang Utan – Magic Playground

Atomic Forest – Locomotive Breath

Zoot – Turn your head

Astaroth – Satanispiritus

Hellhammer – Chainsaw

Punch – Deathead

Lincoln St. Exit – whatever happened to baby jesus? pt1+2

Toad – Stay

Orange – The Sun

Upside Down Cross – Upside Down Cross

Peter Reno & Herman Bender – Highway Song




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