One Of Sickest Releases of 2017!!!
Premiere Streaming: AMERICAN’s “Amorous and Subdued”

Unholy awesomeness… Sentient Ruin Laboratories has done it a-fucking-gain, this time in conspiracy with Fragile Branch they will be releasing the sophomore LP from AMERICAN called Violate and Control. When I say this is one of of the most outstanding records of 2017 – I REALLY FUCKING MEAN IT! One reason is that this band has pushed themselves beyond any known boundaries to create a record that is beyond special, it’s in it’s own space and time!!! Imagine if Scar Sighted LEVIATHAN procreated with All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood The BODY; AMERICAN’s Violate and Control would be their mutant offspring. Coming from such amazing parents would not be enough for this band, because throughout this record they prove that they can shapeshift into many different kinds of sonic pain while still remaining beautiful and morbidly melodic. We were one of the first sites to ever cover this band 4 years ago, so it’s makes total sense that we premiere their devastating new track below. It’s going to be interesting to watch how the world is going to react to this bands new LP. I can say with a 100% confidence that this is truly the beginning of great things for the AMERICAN I LOVE! Thank you Sentient Ruin Laboratories and Fragile Branch for believing in this band’s creative spirit! Stay tuned for our full review of Violate and Control. The preorders are happening at Sentient Ruin Laboratories HERE and Fragile Branch (US vinyl/tape HERE), Shove Records (EU) – Release date June 23rd!





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