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It is hard to find clothing that truly expresses the respect for myth and magick that inspires so much of the music we cover on CVLT Nation. Especially for women, which is why so many of us make jeans and t-shirts the staple of our wardrobes – but like me, many of you may dream of clothing that will make you feel less like one of the dudes sometimes. Enter Ovate, a line out of a small, dark studio in Montreal, where designer Audrey Cantwell blasts black metal and weaves leather, wool and silk with Norse poetry and Druidic wisdom. Her clothing carries an ethereal dark energy around it, and the elegance and power of a High Priestess. An Ovate is a shaman, prophet, seer, healer and diviner, an ancient bearer of wisdom, and Ovate clothing evokes such wisdom without speaking it. Her Curse of Busla silk tops and dresses are hand-silkscreened with runes, a quote from the ancient Norse poem The Curse of Busla: “May wights be wildered, and wonders happen, may cliffs be shattered and the world shaken.” Most of her designs are created by hand, knitting leather and wool and hand-printing on silk. The effect is both ancient and modern at once, and would be equally at home on icy Scandinavian plains and dirty city streets. After the jump, check out photos from her Fall/Winter 2011 collection…

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