Otherworldly Premiere: Streaming These Hidden Hands Socotra (Lustmord Remix)

I love when music alters my mind and takes everything in me to new planes of thought. I need sounds to act as portals for me, because it takes me away from the madness of this thing called life! Last year, These Hidden Hands came out with a very special record called Vicarious Memories that was full transcendental sonic moments. Now they are back with a stellar project featuring remixes from the likes of Death In Vegas (Richard Fearless), Lustmord, Telefon Tel Aviv, JK Flesh (Justin K Broadrick) and Hypoxia (aka Drumcell). Today CVLT Nation is premiering the These Hidden Hands “Socotra (Lustmord Remix)” below!



A1/ 1. Glasir (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
A2/ 2. The Telepath feat. Julia Kotowski (Hypoxia Remix)
A3/ 3. Socotra (Lustmord Remix)
B1/ 4. Dendera Light (JK Flesh Remix)
B2/ 5. Angkor (Death In Vegas Remix)

Vicarious Memories Remixed EP is scheduled for June 23 release




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