Ovate et La Grande Noirceur

The High Priestess has done it again. Lavish leathers, authentic fur pelts, decadent silks, and warm wool cloaks that drape and adorn the body just as one can imagine darkness itself would. Staying true its name, Ovate‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection ‘La Grande Noirceur‘ has gone above and beyond (or should I say deeper into the vast and enchanting depths) to manifest the captivating beauty of darkness.

Before the launch of this collection, I actually had an interesting dream where designer Audrey Cantwell herself took the form of a physical, dark, spiritual entity who went by the name Ovate. It was pretty epic, in all honesty, and looking at the new extended set of gowns, I could definitely say that this  beautiful and mysterious entity is being manifested.

I’m also excited to say that with this new collection also comes new lamb-leather bags and a stunning jewelry collaboration with Joanna Szkiela, featuring woodsy silver rune rings and necklaces. Most of the new threads are currently up in the shop, but the jewelry collection won’t be added for another few weeks (so start saving!).


This new collection isn’t the only news from Ovate, however, as Audrey has certainly kept busy this past year. Even her collaborations have been fairly epic. Otherworldly Ellen Rogers shot the mystical editorial photographs for the stunning SS12 collection ‘Mare Frigoris‘ intermingled with Bloodmilk‘s recent ocean-inspired jewels. Audrey was the wardrobe designer for ex-Swans member Jarboe‘s current tour and has been spotted being endlessly adored by the goddess Chelsea Wolfe, who just can’t get enough of these luxe threads. Illustrator of the depths, Sin-Eater has designed Ovate’s latest logo that appears on the packaging of all orders, Sisters of the Black Moon have stocked up on their own custom share of Ovate, and Krist Mort has become a featured model/photographer for the newest editorials; not to mention other notable photographers such as Alison ScarpullaA.E. Csaky, and April Lea who have featured Ovate’s pieces.

In retrospect, perhaps Ovate actually is an epic, vast, dark, spiritual entity unfolding itself unto the world, bringing light in the form of darkness; thwarting towards us the ability to manifest our own beautiful and mysterious entities.


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