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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:
ANATOMY of HABIT “Then Window Clip”

ANATOMY of HABIT’s debut album on Relapse Records entitled Cipher + Axioms is going to make an huge impact on

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CVLT Nation Interviews Topon Das of Merdarahta

If idle hands are the devil’s workshop, Topon Das is a divine factory of grade-A bizarro music. Having released music

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CVLT Nation Interviews Gatecreeper

Photos by Dillon Vaughn Hailz, Gatecreeper – lords of Swedish stomp! First, I would like to thank you for doing

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Bog Oak Free Halloween Download!

The evil and ethereal BOG OAK have a special treat for you today – a brand new free track up

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Chain Gang Grave Review

In the post-9/11 world in which we all live, there have been many bands that play aggressive or weird styles

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Spot on Post-Punk!
Privacy//Policy “THIS IS OUR MANDATE”

Breaking away from the safer post-punk archetypes, Cleveland’s Privacy//Policy is not devoid of the cold noise made famous by Ian

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Halloween Weekend Free Shipping on the CVLT Nation Store!

 Happy Halloween CVLT Nation readers! To celebrate our favorite holiday, we’re offering free shipping in the US and Canada until

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Social fucking Justice: Canadians react to Ottawa Incident

There’s been a lot of talk about terrorism in Canada these past several days, and it shouldn’t surprise us. What

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Remember The 90’s…
The Kids of the Embarcadero
Skating Video Essay

When it comes to skateboarding, one city that is really important to the culture is San Motherfucking Francisco. Having living

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CVLT Nation & Midnite Collective Interview Krist Mort

Midnite Collective interviews Krist Mort, Photographer Medium: Hands, light and whatever camera is lying around Based in: Austria Years Active: I

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Southwest Terror Fest III: Night 3: Organic Mechanical

Photos: Joshua Ford The third night of Southwest Terror Fest saw the largest turnout of the weekend, unsurprising when considering

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Anti Fashion ov Atilla Csihar

The man himself doesn’t need an introduction nor does his persona. I choose to focus on his despotic fascination for

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The Whore Church Does Fistula: “Harmful Situation”

Those wacko weirdos over at The Whore Church have teamed up with FISTULA to create a manic demonic rampage on

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What We Do Is Secret!
The Germs Live 1979
Now Showing!

The Germs were before my time, but they still had a major impact on my life. I never got the

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I Put A Spell On You!
1984 Gig Now Showing

Who is one of the raddest frontmen in rock & roll history? In my book, NICK CAVE is, hands down!

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