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In terms of extreme metal – mainly death and doom/death – Finland had, and currently has, a very, very strong scene. The Finnish death metal domain in the ’90s might not have had the same flash that the Swedish and US scenes did, but the albums released in that period were nothing but monumental.

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WINDHAND is one of those bands we’ve watched rise since we started CVLT Nation, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of their success! They are a rad group of truly musical people who live for their art, and it shows in stellar release after stellar release. They’re on tour right now

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Are you ready for some sweet post-punk beats? Kentucky’s The Elsinores have a new record entitled New Forms, landing on the streets soon via Dead Tank Records, IFB Records and Pop Nihil Records. Today we’re stoked to be bringing you their video for the track “Lost Language” off their upcoming LP. This

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Upon receiving this record, a friend warned me it was as “if Ian Curtis fronted Torche” with a disdainful sneer – as if that combination could possibly produce an album that wasn’t amazing. Ten seconds into the opening track, ‘Nothing Left to Lose,’ from their self-titled debut, overlap between Heat Dust and those

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One of the heaviest records that is going to come out this year is CULT OF OCCULT’s Five Degrees Of Insanity, which is being released by Vendetta, Deadlight Entertainment, and Breath Plastic Records. If you are an avid CVLT Nation reader, then you know that we really fucking represent hard for

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GALLHAMMER 2007 full set – no other words needed but HEAVY!!!

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So the word on the street is that the series of children’s books called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz is the grimmest set of books you could buy for kids. Many of his books have been banned in the States because the powers that be thought they

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It’s very interesting how people have had the vision to flip the script and use instagram as an instrument of self expression. I have seen accounts that focus on vintage skateboards, 80’s punk posters, skylines, urban decay, performance art – all of these just scratch the surface of whats out there!

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