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Supernatural clashing of the 8’s on 8-8-2008 for 88 minutes – 88 drummers along with GANG GANG DANCE performed at Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, New York City. While this was happening on the East, the same thing was happening on the West, Featuring the BOREDOMS and 88 drummers. I went the

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CVLT Nation has another amazing GrimCVLT split cassette release in the works, this time an absolutely relentless audio assault from NOLA’s BARGHEST and California’s TEETH! We are so stoked on this release, and we’re happy to share some of it with you today via Noisey’s exclusive premiere of Side A:

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Photos: Pedro Roque One of these days, CVLT Nation is going to get our envious asses over to Porto in Portugal so that we can witness one of Europe’s finest underground music, art and culture festivals, AMPLIFEST! Once again, the Amplifest crew killed it this year, and we had Pedro Roque on hand to

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I will be the first one to tell you I’m a visual person! Ever since I can remember, I have had a fondness for looking at weird or sleazy stuff. So when I found the Black Hound Revival instagram, I was hooked. It’s full of crazy, rad, fucked up and sleazy

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I’m not sure what it was that intrigued me about torture and torture chambers. Maybe it was the R.L. Stine book Tower of Terror. Or maybe it’s because my dad described his trip to a medieval torture chamber to me, and I looked at him amazed by his descriptions of gazing upon all

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When life has me down or if reality is choking the positivity out of me, I turn to music to bring me back. I don’t mean the kind of music that is played on pop radio, I mean the kind of music that is cooked up in the underground! REST’s new

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We’re living in dark times. That’s a pretty obvious sentiment if you’re reading this website. We – that is the underground Metal culture – are all too aware of humanity’s follies and shortcomings. As a species, we’ve excelled at inflicting pain and anguish onto our fellow man. In fact, one could say that

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When I was a moody teen in junior high, I sent off for the Projekt Records catalogs quite frequently (paper catalogs through the mail, mind you!) – and it was in the pages of those that I first read about unheard-of genres with lush, evocative, and appealing titles like “darkwave,” “dream

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