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BÖLZER is on a mission from Australia to Vancouver, plus they will be setting shit off in the States! Check out this spot-on full set of them performing earlier this year…I’m pretty sure this set was filmed in Russia.  I’m fucking beyond stoked that I get to see them live on Oct. 18.

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Voodoo is originally an animist religion which originates in Western Africa (Togo and Benin mainly). As the slave trade within the French empire reached massive proportions during the 17th and 18th centuries, Voodoo spread all over the colonies, where it mixed in with other belief systems, whether from different parts

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Clare Thom, Boy George, Michele Clapton. Coach trip to Margate.. 1980

I can appreciate the New Romantic scene now more than I did when I was younger. Looking at Graham Smith’s book We Can Be Heroes: London Clubland 1979-81 I can see that this scene was full of young adults who wanted to get dressed up and have fun. They were a

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Flowers & Fire is a supremely underrated new band hailing from Vancouver, B.C., that embodies the best parts of early darkwave and sets the bar high for up and coming bands within the genre. Instead of the overuse of technical instrumentation or effects, they rely on the initial ideas of

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Photos: Em Demarco Humans flow like garbage out into the boulevards and avenues destroying nearly everything in their path. Every third weekend of August in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the town comes alive with miscreants, criminals, street urchins and other such fodder. In addition to “Little Italy Days,” a 4-day punk festival named,

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Ritual Killer are brutal as fuck. Punk, death, grind – whatever it is, Al Necro doesn’t mind. Ritual Killer brings us a vision of murder, chaos, violence and insanity with their latest eight-track album, Exterminance. Exterminance starts things off with a hideous intro rife with demented murmurrings, before all hell breaks

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Behold, Black Breath have returned and are poised to unleash their third full length, entitled Slaves Beyond Death, which will exhumed from the grave for all you abhorrent animals on September 25th. Released by the ever consistent Southern Lord, Black Breath’s newest declaration of disgust for humanity finds them continuing down the

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Don’t need to say much other than watch these sick full sets of GODFLESH and PRURIENT captured by the almighty (((unartig))) at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY on September 15th, 2015! Keep (((unartig))) filming rad shows – donate here!         Banner photo: Luana Magalhães

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