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CVLT Nation Interviews Ides of Gemini

Banner image Michelle Pullman Hi guys! First of all, thanks for finding the time to do this interview, it is much

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
NESSERIA “Des Rues Ordinaires”

You know when you hear a band, and you know that their creative spirit is coming from deep inside of

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Ghettoblasters and Switchblades presents:
THERE IS NO FUCKING FUTURE 80’s Hardcore Mixtape!

One of my favorite blogs, Ghettoblasters and Switchblades, has just released a stellar 80’s punk mixtape called THERE IS NO FUCKING

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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming: ZOM “The Depths” + Review

Dark Descent Records: Release Date 24 November 2014 So, CVLT Nation aficionados, care for a killer review? Are you listening

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CVLT Nation’s
Top 7 New Bands
You Must Hear Today!

1. DEATH KNEEL: ”Lilac & Benzine” Now here is a band that is punk as fuck, but they are not even punk. DEATH

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Phobocosm – Deprived Review

Phobocosm – Deprived (Dark Descent Records) It’s comfortable for a writer to lean on convention sometimes; but sometimes, convention gets

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10 Classic Skate Sections With…
Punk/Metal/Stoner Soundtracks

By Neil Bailey of Opium Lord Music has a lot to do with what makes a great video. Skateboarding is

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Hot Lunch… Cooking With Condoms

Condom Meals I Want To Make For You by Kyosuke Kagami is hitting the streets of the internet soon, and this Japanese

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Sickest Skate Video…
You Will See This Week!
ENRON by BRONZE Skateboards

Our homie Neil from Opium Lord just turned us on to the ENRON skate video created by BRONZE Skateboards. Now

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NSFW: Hideous Butt Tattoos
Bad Tattoos Part V

VIEWER BEWARE: what you are about to see is indelible proof of how stupid human beings can be. Some of

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Vintage Polaroid Selfies of Stevie Nicks

If you are someone under the age of 30, chances are you have taken a lot of pictures of yourself.

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Portraits of…Southern California Punk Culture From The 70′s

I’m a child of the 80’s punk scene, and we were known to give hell to the older punks that

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DAWN OF HUMANS Wrecking Shit Intense!
Full Set Now Showing!

DAWN OF HUMANS wrecking shop at The Acheron, captured by PITFULLOFSHIT - nuff said! Top Banner Photo by Sarja Ann

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This year marked the passing of H.R. GIGER into the realm of the unknown, and into the realm of legend.

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The Cinema of Transgression
Llik Your Idols Documentary Now Showing!

Check out this really inspiring documentary Llik Your Idols, it features some rad people breaking down the power of Cinema

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