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Malaise is a French word meaning discomfort, uneasiness, the sensation of being physically disturbed from something. That’s the word The Rodeo Idiot Engine chose for their new album, two years after Consequences, a major achievement of the 2010’s chaotic hardcore era. To celebrate this release we have an exclusive stream

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This Greek instrumental duo came into existence back in 2012, and even though their moment of inception does not seem to be that far away in the past, these guys are veterans of the scene. Their résumé includes acts such as Violet Vortex, Noiselust and Tenderness of Wolves, while their

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Steadily stirring in the black, murky waters of the underground over the last few years with a small string of demos and splits, blackened death crust merchants Tombstalker have at last emerged with their debut album Black Crusades – a veritable rising tide of chaos that wears many masks and

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Earlier this year, two bands came together to cement their union of creation and decay. These two bands were Philadelphia’s T.O.M.B and Long Beach’s The Black Scorpio Underground. The split, entitled Black Crypt Worship, features a crushing live track from T.O.M.B. of the same name, recorded at their January 8th show

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Are you ready for absolute audio destruction? Then hit play below on our stream of FUCKING INVINCIBLE‘s track “Cross-Uncross” from their upcoming EP I Hate Myself And Want You To Die. This band spews its hatred hot and fast, and listening to the 7 minute EP is like being power washed with

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I’m not gonna lie on this one, people. To say that I could have cared less about Abigail Williams up until last week would have been a vast understatement. My knowledge of them is at best, limited, and perhaps at most, slightly jaded and elitist. A fact that I am

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Chad Bulter aka PIMP C was one of the most important figures to ever do it in the game of hip hop. Not only did he spit ghetto knowledge on record, but always kept it trill in person! He wanted the rap industry to change to benefit those who created

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It’s that time of year…the weather is growing cold, the days shorter, the first snowflakes are falling in the dark forests, the leaves long gone on the creepy, skeletal trees. Our favorite time of year! Wondering how to honor the people in your life – the ones with the same

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