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When I was 16, a guy tried to get me to get into his van to show me his photographic equipment, telling me he’d like to take my photo for his portfolio. I knew he was full of shit, because my best friend had just given me the world’s worst

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Bewarned! Tetragrammacide’s new album Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ will sonically stab your whole existence to death, and after you are dead, will fuck your ear drums for some necropheliac fun! This horrific beast of an LP will infest earth onNov. 9th via Iron Bonehead Productions. CVLT Nation is streaming their track Extra

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One of the heaviest and most underrated bands in the States right now is SoCal’s DESTROY JUDAS. I could tell you about all of the sick bands that the members have been in, but this feature is not about that! I want to tell you that a very special tour

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Care of Daemon Worship Productions comes the second release of black metal artisans Israthoum, entitled Antru Kald, the successor to their widely-acclaimed sophomore album, Black Poison and Shared Wounds. Picking up where they left off, Antru Kald sees the band evolving their raw, mostly-mid-tempo-paced attack, bringing an interesting cauldron of

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Text and photo by Mattias Westfalk Finland is now stored safe in my memory bank, the distant but real buzz from a spectacle in sounds and emotions still lingering. I sat down in front of my work desk after flying back to Berlin, the place I call home for the winter,

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boar worship

Over the past weeks, quite a few great releases floating around in the realm of sludge, stoner, drone and doom have drifted my way. So here they are all in one place for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the rattling of your own bones…. 1. PENDULOUS – A Palpable Sense of Love &

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Photos and Text: Nuno Bernardo If Amplifest’s day one felt like a dark daydream, then day two wasn’t that far off. It’s true that every single act on this line-up deserved to headline a show on their own. People approached James Kelly, Colin H. van Eeckhout and Oathbreaker’s Caro Tanghe all day on Hard Club’s main

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Photographer Roger Ballen has lived in Johannesburg for many years, and the strange spaces he finds in its suburbs make fascinating subjects for his photographs. Last week, we covered his series Outland – portraits of surreal lives being lived on the outskirts of the human mind. This week, we cover his

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