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So the big question, which I might as well get out of the way, is this; What prompted you guys to re-unite yet again under the Unearthly Trance banner? Had there been a bit of discussion for awhile about it or was it more a simple realization that you three

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Ahh shit… SLEEP killed it at this year’s SWTF! If you don’t believe me, peep the full set that was captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT below!  

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I don’t speak French, but that does not mean I can’t appreciate The Dictionnaire Infernal (1818–1863) created by Colin De Plancy. This famous collection of demons and underworld characters is now up on the Internet Archive. The demon portraits were the work of Louis Le Breton, and have been inspiration for

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Denmark’s Slaegt are set to release a new 12″ via Iron Bonehead Productions, Beautiful and Damned, on January 22nd, 2016. Today we’re stoked to be streaming the second of the four tracks this beast holds, “Alshinecheri.” You can pick up a pre-order of the record on CD or cassette here…with vinyl soon to follow!

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Earlier this year, Eye of Nix released their first full length Moros via Belief Mower Records, and are now set to re-release the record digitally and on vinyl on November 6th with two new tracks that were originally recorded in the Moros sessions. Our writer Wil calls Moros “genre-bending bashing

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FEATLN TheCultPrimalScream 11x17 4c bleed 02 copy

THE CULT (and Southern Death Cult) and PRIMAL SCREAM are two of my favourites that I pull out at least once a week, so I’m fucking stoked that these two legends will be hitting Vancouver for an all-ages tour stop at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Nov. 15th! I’ve seen

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Lurking in the ghoulish swamps of Louisiana are the members of bestial metal quartet, Abysmal Lord. They dropped their Storms of Unholy Black Mass mini-album through Hell’s Headbangers last year, which I was fortunate to get the opportunity to introduce to Cvlt Nation fans. The guys are back with their

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My eardrums are jumping for joy right now because the new MASSES (Melbourne, Australia)& DEATHCHURCH  (Sydney, Australia) cassette split is way fucking far beyond stellar!!! Both of these bands have created modern day Death Rock/Post Punk anthems that should be considered classics. FYI – the two MASSES tracks were recorded by Phil Calvert of The Birthday

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