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How could I not post this? LEVIATHAN covering Black Flag’s “My War” and it sounds off the fucking chain! It’s coming out as a special Flexi for the 127th issue of Decibel Magazine, and you can also buy it HERE! I have a dream that one day LEVIATHAN will be

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I’m a HUGE fan sewing patches on my vest and turning them into battle jackets. Also, I love watching my life partner/wife paint our leather jackets and turn them into pieces of wearable art! I also find enjoyment looking at how other metal heads or punks have taken the time

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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Majestic sonic magic, in the arms of otherworldly melodies that fly above anything I have heard in a long time – the new LOCRIAN album Infinite Dissolution is way beyond stellar! I have been a fan for years, and I can’t say enough about how killer it is to hear

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This past June, the Levitation festival hit Vancouver for three heavy fun days! There were shows kicking off all over downtown and at the epic outdoor venue Malkin Bowl. One of our favorite BC photographers, Tiina Liimu, covered the fest for CVLT Nation. Check out her photos of A Place To

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Now this is fucking RAD – we are streaming the New WOLVHAMMER 7 inch and it kicks the eyes out of Christ’s corpse! What are you going to hear? Their brand new song “Death Division,” plus their sick covers of two Misfits songs, “Demonomania” and “Bloodfeast.” The record is out now

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The marriage of black metal and atmospheric noise is nothing new. The two have been constant companions for quite some time, the volume of the bands employing the combination of genres increasing exponentially as the years move forward. With such a dizzying variety of bands practicing this form of art,

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Choking is an aptly-named band from Dayton, Ohio. Their self-titled release plays the sort of suffocating, blackened funeral doom that provides a listening experience similar to its name. The guitar riffs here are dirty, gritty and strewn with sewage the way a band called Choking would use with sensibility. They

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WIEGEDOOD‘s album De Doden Hebben Het Goed is one of the best releases of 2015, and I say this with no regrets! They just had their release show at Broelkapel and I wish I could have teleported myself there, because it seemed to be way more majestic than just a mere

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