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Dehn Sora is a French graphic artist whose work is almost beyond words. He makes music under the name Treha Sektori and is an associate of Church of Ra. He has created a new book called The Sensation Of Being One Of Them which compiles his work spanning two years, and will

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A few months ago, we discovered the heavy excellence of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, and we haven’t been able to put the fucker down since! So we’re extra happy that we get to co-host the pre-order for their upcoming Tape Worship release, NACHTHEXEN, which will be shipping out starting the 15th of

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Remember when the second wave of black metal bands dominated the sub-genre with a barrage of cold, dense annihilation, and when melody was used to catalyse and define the extremity of the music? One Master are here to help you remember. Formed in 2002, the American quartet’s two previous full

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Since the inception of CVLT Nation, there are a few people we’ve opened our hearts and home to, and one of those is Ralph from PLANKS – but even before we met this rad dude, PLANKS held a special place in our hearts. This band has continually astounded us with

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I’m sure I don’t need to say much…Check out this spot on performance by EARTH in Brooklyn at St.Vitus…Nothing but respect to Pit Full Of Shit for capturing such a rad set!   Gatefold for ‘Primitive and Deadly’ Artwork by Samantha Muljat aka Bloodbankdesign

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In the late 1500’s, England was enmeshed in a multifaceted “undeclared” war with Spain, including a series of furious land grabs in the Americas. Sir Walter Raleigh, on the auspices of Queen Elizabeth I, was granted charter to create the Roanoke colony on Roanoke island in Chesapeake Bay. John White – a friend of Raleigh – was

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Intense, Morbid, Fragile, Powerful, Enchanting… are just some of the words that swim through my mind as I look at the art of IKUMA NAO. This human is able to use black lines to create unknown universes where birds become faces with no mouths. The lines that she creates with her engravings leave

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So what do we have here? Let me tell you, we have a new SAVIOURS song called “Burning Shrine” and this motherfucker is a straight raging jam!!! Fasten your seat belt, press play and let the mammoth riffs the band kicks out do the rest. Caution: the SAVIOURS have been known to cause

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