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The CVLT Nation instagram feed is saturated with tattoo artists – it’s become our go to place for finding amazing artists who specialize in human skin. I have nothing against traditional tattoo styles, but my personal preference is for artists who bring a unique perspective to tattoo art; something that

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Rare do we as listeners have a chance to witness a band evolve like Full of Hell has. To wit, their debut LP, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home has been a consistent favorite since it was discovered perusing Toxicbreed’s Funhouse back in 2011 and has yet to leave

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A prolific producer of experimental techno, Sciahriar Tavakoli, is about to begin an explorative journey with the ambitious Devotion EP trilogy. We begin by discussing his background, how he came into electronic music and producing, and what the scene of his hometown Florence is like. We then dive deeper into the concepts regarding

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Death CVLT by CVLT Nation has two new tees in stock at the CVLT Nation Bizarre! Black and White standard fit tees, printed by hand in-house with soft, water based inks, and available in limited quantities. LUST FOR LIFE and NOWHERE TO HIDE mix imagery of life, love and death.

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ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2017 20th – 23rd APRIL, Tilburg, Netherlands Text & Photos: Kris T. Therrian / 17 seconds photography DAY TWO – Friday There couldn’t have been a more disconcerting start to the day than seeing Gnaw Their Tongues in all their glory. I was there in 2015 for their

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For me, few can say they’ve done cooler things. In the seventies, Marky Ramone seems to have drunkenly happened upon arguably three of the most crucial bands of the era. Dust, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the colossus, The Ramones.  Whenever someone asks him, he’s nonchalant, humble even. He’s

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Since fear is an emotion that a lot of the music and art we cover here channels, this post seemed like something that would trigger the same level of unsettling, hair-raising terror that a The Body show does. Ming Cu is an Indonesian woman who breeds tarantulas for a living.

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Just in time for the sun’s tentative entrance into the PNW, Portland’s NORSKA has a new record coming out on Brutal Panda entitled Too Many Winters that hits the streets on May 26th, 2017. Today we’re very happy to bring you a track off this stellar record called “Fire Patience Backbone”

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