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To say that comics have had an impact on the art world would be a huge understatement. So many of the artists we’ve covered here have felt their influence and even dabbled in their creation as well. THE MEGACRAP is, in their own words, “a mute, chained, infinite and lowbrow

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Following last year’s EP Cupio Dissolvi, Lebanon Hanover’s William Maybelline shows his solo project Qual can yet again blaze a new path through nightmarish, experimental bangers with his upcoming LP The Ultimate Climax. Clocking in at eight songs that run the gamut from proto-industrial to EBM, its perfect for an

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With all of the fucked up shit going on in the world, I am firm believer that music can be used as a weapon of MASS CHANGE! Philadelphia-based HELL TO PAY have not only created one of my favorite hardcore records of 2018 called Bliss, but the message they are conveying lyrically is something I

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Twisted Thoughts. Demented Sounds of Torment. Horrific Beauty wrapped around our unlocked imaginations. These are the kinds of things that I think about as I listen to the new Gnaw Their Tongues Lp entitled Genocidal Majesty. The title of this record fits this sonic journey into the underworld perfectly. Maurice “Mories” De Jong

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to go to the show. Doesn’t matter how cozy your couch is, how stocked your fridge or how early your job interview is the next day. A gig is a gig is a gig and when you greet death he’s not going to ask you if

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No words really needed…watch Portishead and the haunting voice of Beth Gibbons enchant the Bizzare Fest in 1998. I will be a Portishead fan for LIFE!       Portishead Isolation Tees HERE!      

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Soup lines at Thanksgiving and Christmas, donating to the ACLU and always dreaming of joining the Peace Corps are all among the pangs that come with first-world privilege. I mean, shouldn’t we all give a little to those that have nothing? That pang deep inside of us to help could

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It’s great when, in the information age, you have a really hard time finding a record. It takes me back to when I was kid and spent countless hours bothering friends so I could tape their records. Yes, there was a time when you really had to love music in

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