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Pinched from The Vintage News This story sounds like something straight out of fiction, but it’s well documented in 16th century historical records. In 1518, one of the strangest epidemics in recorded history, The Dancing Plague or “Dance Epidemic”, struck the city of Strasbourg, France. Sometime in mid-July, a woman,

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Despite being quite new to the funeral doom scene, Un appear to have an in-depth understanding of the genre and its subtleties. The release of two demos back in 2013 was the warm-up session in putting out their debut album, The Tomb of All Things, a fifty-minute journey through the

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Pure necromantic darkness. This succinctly sums up the new offering from Ill Omen, and it’s something you can sense and feel from the get-go. The successor to 2014’s marvelous Enthroning The Bonds of Abhorrence, Æ.Thy.Rift carries the torch forward and even deeper into the mausoleum, as Ill Omen have wrought their

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RITUAL PRODUCTIONS is a label that we can count on again and again to push the genre of DOOM to new heights with each release. They have done it again with the upcoming LP by HORSE LATITUDES entitled Primal Gnosis. All I can say is that this band has created a record

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I recently watched the must-see documentary DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP (written by  Spencer Heath and Jai Love, and directed by Jai Love) that was about one of America’s most fucked in the head bands that goes by the name of KETTLE CADAVER. Their frontman, Edwin Borsheim, inflicted harm on himself that made GG Allin seem like a wimp

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It’s no secret that at CVLT Nation we love JOY DIVISION! So today check out their 1979 performance at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester …what I would give to have been there!   CVLT Nation’s Disorder pin is in the CVLT Nation Bizarre!  

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Omaha, Nebraska’s Purgatory closed 2015 with this six song serving of bruised knuckles and swollen faces. An uncompromisingly heavy EP, Gospel of War is their first proper release since 2013’s Rabid Visions, in addition to being their first new material since “No Faith” on The Underdogs compilation on Dog Years

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In his interview with Red Bull Music Academy, Stephen O’Malley had a utilitarian response when asked about arranging music in the context of doom, drone and minimal music: Try playing slow. It’s difficult. You have to be very patient. It’s a different kind of skill with listening. You have to find

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