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In 1819, Alexander Pearce, an Irish convict, was sentenced to serve seven years in Van Diemen’s Land (now known as Tasmania) for stealing six pairs of shoes. When he arrived in Van Diemen’s Land, he proved to be a nuisance. Records show multiple misdemeanors, including the embezzling of two turkeys

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All awesome things must come to an end…case in point, Germany’s PLANKS called it quits last year. Now they are set to release their final album, Perished Bodies, on Sept. 11th via Golden Antenna Records. I’m not going to give it all away, but I will say that this record

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Bands that work within a concept for an album or song walk a fine line. In whatever genre that the project caters to, they always have to keep the source material at hand and be true to it. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refrain from rattling off

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Seoul, South Korea’s Gonguri mix it up with fellow doom bastards Sithter for a split CD that will annihilate the uninitiated. Gonguri sounds similar to death/doom stalwarts Coffins. Sithter brings noise and punk with their brand of doom, and both bands destroy without impunity on this release. Gonguri brings a

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Straight up, I’m a massive fan of both THOU and FALSE! So when I saw that they had just performed in NYC together, I was hoping I could find footage, which I did. Our comrade in video unARTig captured both sets and you can peep them below!  

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All Skrewed Up has endured. Skrewdriver, the reviled oi of RAC ilk, are no more. The inventor and sole member, Ian Stuart Donaldson, died in a car crash in 1993. Ideally, you won’t find White Rider in a friend’s record collection, but you may find All Skrewed Up. I’ve always

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As British colonialist expansion brought traders, whalers and missionaries to the South Pacific, gruesome tales of cannibalism among the savage natives they encountered began to trickle back to a horrified public at home. To the civilized sensibilities of the British, the thought of ‘godless men’ consuming the flesh of their

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If you follow CVLT Nation, then you know that we are HUGE – I mean HUGE – GRAVES at SEA fans! Knowing that they have entered the studio to start recording their Relapse Records debut has gotten me incredibly stoked…So we decided to post this kick ass live set of them destroying the Branx

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