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FUCK THE WORLD, DON’T ASK ME FOR SHIT!!!! The CHAIN’S GANG record is the BOMB that I want to explode in the face of authority…Every song makes my blood boil in a I-don’t-give-a-fuck kind of way…CHAIN’S GANG gets me stoked on hardcore…Crippled Sounds is the label that will be putting

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Labels: Throatruiner Ṙecords, Ruins Records & Deadlight Entertainment The image is a head bent backwards, with some choking – maybe some throat cutting – or maybe just a gentle caress, what do I know? This reminds me of their latest artwork for their EP Hoarder, this same position with a life-threatening

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UK outfit DiE are literally no bullshit. This is a band of punks playing stripped-back hardcore in its finest form.  Kicking off in Brighton a few years ago with core members operating under the VEXED moniker, a parting of ways and a few new connections saw the rise of DiE

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Check this out: an 80’s hardcore footage battle royal featuring D.C’s VOID vs. Venice’s SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – both of these bands knew how to work the crowd into a frenzy! I’m a little partial, being that SUICIDAL is my home town band and I was actually at this show. While

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There is so much more to life than meets the eye, mainly because what we have the ability to perceive with any of our senses is so limited. We can’t see what’s on the surface most of the time, let alone what’s beneath it. Instead, we have to imagine it,

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The west has a sordid history of persecution, much of it at the hands of various sects of Christianity. Some of the most disturbing events in history are the various witch hunts and witch trials that have taken place all over Europe and in North America, where women were tortured

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Danny Gonzalez, pinched from our comrades JENKEM Magazine One of the sickest and most underrated skaters to step on a board was Danny Gonzalez…After you watch this footage, you’ll see that it is fucking insane that this dude wasn’t given more props. To me, I do see some Gonz in

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The album cover for Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable is a visual description as to what you are in for with this Death Fortress album, the very skeletal surroundings signifying that death metal is about to be afoot. This is most straight up metal album I’ve heard from Fallen

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