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If you’ve been into metal for at least the past three years, you’ve likely seen Deafheaven mentioned somewhere, flanked by praise, derision or both. This San Franciscan quintet comes with a warning of varying results, though those results vary depending on who’s listening. Their 2013 sophomore album, Sunbather, put a bright,

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Photos/Video: Lewis Royden Lewis Royden Interviews Chris Alliston On the 9th October of this year, legendary head banging veterans The Melvins arrived in Manchester UK to lay siege to the North on their European tour. Illustrator Chris Alliston was set the task of creating the poster for the event and

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Good albums survive numerous repeat-listens. A long runtime is risky unless the album holds up well to lengthy listening. Serpents Lair do a fine job on their debut full-length, Circumambulating The Stillborn, for Fallen Empire Records and Hellthrasher Productions. They mix interesting segments well. The tempo never stagnates at one

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From the epilepsy warning at the beginning of the video for YANOS‘ “I. Anger,” you know this visual is no joke! This track is off their debut album OMEGA, out on vinyl via Moment of Collapse and cassette via Breathe Plastic, with CDs available directly from the band, and it’s a jarring, soothing

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So what do we have here? A killer mix tape curated by DRAB MAJESTY for one of our favourite webzines, The Brvtalist! This collection of tunes will paint your reality in clouds of greys and blacks… Read what The Brvtalist has to say about it below: The Brvtalist is proud

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BizarreCvltureFeaturedSocial Justice

As I explained in the first installment of our exploration of wonderfully wicked world of drugs, these are not the views or beliefs of CVLT Nation as a whole. I have personally done every drug we are going to explore, but have not used recreational drugs in thirteen years, following

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David Scott was the person from the 1970’s/80’s community at Venice Beach, California that captured our young lives on film. He would walk that boardwalk with his beagle dog and take photos of all of us just being ourselves. His photos are snapshot of an era that can never be lived

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Chrome Over Brass may sound like a full band, but it’s actually the one-man project of Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer of American Nightmare, and was self-recorded in his self-built studio on his hand-made kit – 100% DIY. His new s/t album is coming out via Deathwish on November 27th, and is available

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