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This is just so fucking good!! A pro-shot full set of HIS HERO IS GONE rocking Bremen, Germany!…I still can’t get enough them,  they are just that good!!!…captured by our comrade unARTigNYC.

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When we die, our soft flesh falls away to reveal the pitted and porous surface of our bones. The skulls drawn by Sinister Emanation Art are as lined and textured as human skin, and are juxtaposed with crystalline geometrical forms, as if bringing us back into the earth’s cellular structure.

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How did I get turned on to 80’s Japanese punk? The xeroxed pages of the early issues of MRR. I will never forget seeing names like The Comes, Lip Cream, Stalin in print for the first time. There was something different about what was going in Japan compared to SoCal

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Are you a fiend for HEAVY music? If the answer is yes…then the soon to be released new record by ASEETHE, Nothing Left Nothing Gained, is just for you! These humans know how to quake humanity with their down tuned splendor! CVLT Nation is way beyond stoked to be sharing

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Some bands use gimmicks. Some bands use hype. But not Diocletian. Not in the least bit. In fact, Diocletian’s Gesundrian was so underrated in 2014, it was criminal. Gesundrian is the best work Diocletian have ever done. The opening riff sets it all up. Prepare for war, Diocletian seem to

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For a band that proudly labels themselves as “Angelslaying Christbeheading Black Fucking Metal,” if you didn’t know what Archgoat are about by now, or just how profoundly blasphemous and genuinely evil they truly are – good news: they’ve returned with a new full length entitled The Apocalyptic Triumphator to kick

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It’s been a great first week back at CVLT Nation, and to finish it off we’ve got another giveaway for all of our readers courtesy of one of our favorite cassette labels, Tapes of a Neon God! TOANG wants to send two lucky winners their three 2014 releases, TOANG #15:

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 There would be no CVLT Nation without DEVO! They were the first band that made me realize that I had a freedom of choice! They were my gateway band that got me into hardcore. From the very 1st moment I heard DEVO I knew there was more out their when

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