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Framework Label releases albums that I JUST FUCKING LOVE because every band that they put out has trailer loads of passion!!! I’m totally addicted their new band LONGINGS, who are creating up beat post punk anthems that will help you get through this thing called life. When I pump their

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Awww shit, what do we have here? Well, let me tell you – we have the new HUMAN BODIES / LEATHER CHALICE split and it is the FUCKING BOMB!!! Horns HIGH as fuck both bands show and prove! Will the HUMAN BODIES / LEATHER CHALICE record end up as one

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Slow Moving Pain, Crawling Death Clouds, Beautiful Rays Of Darkness are some of the thoughts that melt away as I listen to the new TYRANNY album entitled Aeons in Tectonic Interment. Ancient riffs will engulf your humanity and make you realize how fragile our existence really is…I find so much

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Doom Flash: our comrades Ritual Productions will be releasing the new record by The Poison Glass, which features Stuart and Edgy59 from Burning Witch!!! Press play below and get ready to hear one of the heaviest songs of 2015! Now all I want do is to get high as fuck

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This Saturday, one of the best heavy festivals of the year commences in Porto, Portugal – AMPLIFEST 2015. The lineup for this fest is killer, and you will need all your strength to make it through these crushing performances! If you don’t believe me, than take some time out of

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Traveling the world and seeing how street artists express themselves has always interested me. In some countries, it’s more about political art, and in some it’s more about how visually bugged out they can be. Certain walls I’ve seen always pop up in my imagination because the art on them

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Vancouver’s WITCH OF THE WASTE have just released a visual for their track “She Burst Into Snakes” from their Made of Teeth album that came out earlier this year, and CVLT Nation has the pleasure of premiering it today! So hit play below and drink some bitter tea with Witch

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Like an icy wind whipping through a black forest, VEILED blasts you with the sonic fury that is Omniscient Veil. Melancholy tones and searing vocals accost you from the moment you hit play on this record, which comes out via Iron Bonehead Productions on September 25th. Right here and now,

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