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The countdown is on to the SXSW Rock of Ages showcase sponsored by CVLT Nation, Relapse Records, Southern Lord and Brutal Panda! The event is stacked with one sick band after another sick band, featuring GOATSNAKE, EAGLE TWIN, THE ROLLER, COLISEUM, PINKISH BLACK, PUBLICIST UK, MANTAR, BELLRINGER, MUTILATION RITES, SORES

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BLACKOUT are about to envelop you in a cloud of smokey, whisky-tinged breath with their s/t release hitting the streets on March 31st via Riding Easy Records. Like our review last week said, “Blackout is a barrage of speaker-destroying guitars and a rhythm section that implodes like a Las Vegas

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Corpse paint might be fading from the new crop of black metal bands. With black metal’s inverted cross-pollination taking hold with in the metal genre, the attitude and philosophy many black metal artists claim to be as important as the music is not where the influence is taking hold. So

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Misþyrming ought to be a black metal institution. They’re off to a fast start in their young career, crafting one of 2015’s better releases thus far, their first full-length release, Söngvar elds og óreiðu. Misþyrming hail from Reykjavik, Iceland, which is home to a burgeoning black metal scene. Far more

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It’s time to talk a walk on the right side…Check out this very rare fanzine from 1983 entitled The Encyclopaedia of Ecstasy, Vol. 1, created by Alistair Livingston. This zine references bands that I found very inspirational in my younger years. Honestly, just looking at these pages still inspires me

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The Brvtalist is a site that I have mad respect for and I love their aesthetic! The have a mix tape series entitled New Brvtalism which is curated by different individuals from the underground. Today I would to share with youNew Brvtalism No.002 by M/A/N/O/S…It’s now time to get your groove

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L0019072 West Riding Lunatic Asylum: man restrained by warders; 1869

West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield opened its doors in 1818 as a place to house “paupers” with mental illness in the UK. The asylum was exemplary for the time, built to house 1000 inmates and cure them of their manias. The following series of photos were taken circa

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Vancouver’s Witch of the Waste are about to release their second EP, Made of Teeth, on March 21st, 2015, and they are sounding angrier than ever before! This death horde is coming for your jugular with tracks that will eradicate your ear drums and brutalize your braincells! We are streaming

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