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WTF!!!!!! The new MUTTER video “Dry Cum” is a head fuck to say the least. It’s ugly times ugly, but I can not stop looking away. The music and the visuals pull you into his mad fucking world, and all you want to do is press replay to start the

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The latest installment of Ivan Weiss and Sam Stephenson’s Big, Bent Ears: A Serial in Documentary Uncertainty covers Nazoranai, an improvisational group consisting of Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and the legendary noise artist Keiji Haino. The fifty-minute documentary combines interviews with each member of Nazoranai with pieces of their amazing

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The Grey Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, The Boogey Man and The Brooklyn Vampire were all nicknames  for Albert Fish, the cannibalistic child killer. The documentary you are about to watch will shed light on this real life monster! Albert Fish Documentary by Doc4utv

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Taxidermy is one of my favorite subjects, and I’ve covered a lot of good taxidermy on this site. Immortalizing a beautiful animal that’s died of natural (non-human-related) causes is a moving and breathtaking art form. But for every artistic piece of taxidermy there are hundreds of terrible pieces, and I’ve

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If riffs could kill, CHURCH of DISGUST would be serial killers!!! These TX dealers of pain know how to write those tunes that get under your skin to find where all of your fears exist! CHURCH of DISGUST have a new cassette EP entitled Dread Ritual coming out in the very near

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Sentient Ruin, Trill Kommand, Shove Records and The Path Less Traveled Records have pooled their resources together to bring together this whopping 7″ featuring tracks from Oakland, California’s Augurs and Deathgrave. This four track split packs a wallop, with Deathgrave serving three helpings of gritty powerviolence with the sludgy, blackened

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Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, roll! Death metal reviews continue at CVLT Nation, friends of the metal federation. Necro here with the latest in an onslaught of osdm reviews circa March 2015, a self-imposed diet of osdm madness prerequisite. You have reached the winter of our discontent. This time up,

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DESERTFEST 2015 is fast approaching, and weekend tickets are already sold out! This huge festival based in Camden, London has a killer lineup, and we have a pair of tickets for Friday, April 24th‘s shows to give away to one lucky winner! Friday’s lineup features performances from Redfang, Orange Goblin,

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