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UC Riverside put on a fascinating exhibition at their ARTSblock facilities last fall, a collection of MC cuts from the 60s and 70s curated by artist and historian Jeff Decker which he called Hell’s Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art. With this exhibition, Decker argues that his collection

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portada web.indd

What you are about to see is graphic as fuck – be warned!!! The “drug wars” in Mexico have turned parts of that country into a killing field where human lives don’t mean shit to the criminals. The atrocities that take place daily are captured by photographers and reporters that

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On January 11th, artist Emily Harris is presenting a multifaceted thesis exhibition titled “Dispossessed,” exploring the heavy metal subculture in Atlanta. This will coincide with premiere of her full length documentary Atlanta Metal. She aims to dig deeper into the culture, rather than just aim a spotlight on Atlanta’s metal

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If I had to pick one Los Angeles label that influenced me the most during the 80’s, I would have to pick SST Records. The bands on this label were always gigging around town – you would never know where one of the SST bands would perform. I have so

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Tell you what, I have no idea who Ululant are, or where they are from, but I’m glad to see that the underground is spawning bands like this in some murky corners of the world. What do they sound like? Try Incantation meets Portal, or Swallowed meets Malthusian. At any

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sam chumz auckland

There are some bands that make you question the very nature of your own identity. Masses are one such outfit. Building dense and biting soundscapes that comment on the current state of Australia’s – and other developed countries – social make-up and the idea of ‘individuality,’ this Melbourne five-piece have

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Two 80’s bands that changed the game were NECROS & SS Decontrol! I was lucky enough to see both of them rip shit up in their prime. Today I decided to have both of them go head to head in 80’s hardcore footage battle royal!!! Straight up, NECROS & SS

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When I heard the HUMAN BODIES demo last year, I lost my shit, because it was that dope! Now the band is back with a new tape entitled No Life out now on Caligari Records. Every second of this cassette will have the hairs on the back of your neck

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