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Lotus Thief use contrasting musical devices to fantastic effect. This record presents a veritable smorgasbord of styles that frequently will have you scratching your head and yearning to hear more – black metal, space rock, hard rock, it’s all here in a compelling mix.

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You know those drawings that you can look at from two different perspectives, and what you see first is supposed to say something about your personality? A famous example of what is known as “pictographic ambiguity” is a face where you see both an old lady and a young beauty.

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These were my favorite recordings that were released in 2014. Listed in reverse alphabetical order covering a variety of different artists creating Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, Trip Hop, Underground Rap & Indie Rock. Wreck and Reference – “Want”, (((Experimental Duo from Davis/Los Angeles))) Witchrist – “Vritra”, (((Primitive Death Metal Ooze

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Excuse me as I dig graves for all of our freshly decapitated haters! I need some pummeling riffs to saw off their limbs so that all of the corpses will fit into this mass grave of disdain. The new OUTER HEAVEN album Diabolus Vobiscum is the perfect soundtrack for hater mutilation!

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Photos and Text by Robert Hanna To celebrate the reissue of their iconic (and long out of print) 1891 album, A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die, LA’s ’77 proto-punks THE FLESH EATERS embarked on a short five-city tour of the West Coast last week, descending upon Seattle with

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The shape of power violence has changed drastically since its earliest incarnations; however, some things still remain the same. For example: short songs, shows in small venues, distorted bass tones, the drummer being the best member of the band, and of course, blast beats and heavy breakdowns.

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Why is everything around me moving so slowly? Why do I feel like THC has me suspended in mid air? Why do I feel like the doom I’m listening to is different than most I’ve heard? The answer to all of these questions is that I’m listening to unreleased tracks from the druids of the drone riff, CHAINS.

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Fuck-Ushima closed 2014 with their third release, the nine-track album First Come, First Served, and it is quite an interesting release for sure. Following last year’s Selfbeated and 2012’s Reel 1, this Finnish five-piece plays music of no discernible style, gravitating from hardcore to sludge to grindcore with a fervor that ranges from fluid to clumsy.

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