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When you talk about witchcraft on screen, you can basically go as far as the beginning of filmmaking to find the first sources. Even before documentaries on the Wicca movement and witches as a popular villain, there was a mute film called Häxan, thanks to danish filmmaker Benjamin Christensen. The

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Hey Adam, what’s going on in the 11Paranoias universe right now? Yo Sean! Great to hear from you Brother! Hope you cats are good – I can see you are mad busy as ever!! 🙂 Yeah, swamped here man! Just about to do a few headlining UK shows and about

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ACTUAL PAIN just dropped his SS15 collection in his web store, and we’re digging the direction that King Dude has taken with his newest offerings. There’s something in the air in Seattle…weed smoke…that’s found it’s way into Actual Pain’s designs, and it’s making us want to praise the Devil’s weed!

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Relapse Records has a special place in our hearts here at CVLT Nation, because over 25 years they have put out some of the best in underground heavy music, and they do so with integrity! And when they give back to the community with something as epically awesome as this

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Old Man Gloom

Banner photo: Samantha Marble Aaron, first off I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. That being said, let’s cut the shit and get down to business. Your newest offering in this sunless land of underground music is entitled

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3 Cvlt Nation

Photographer: Mattias Westfalk Site: Based in: Tokyo ONE I’ve been shooting the underground heavy metal scene in Tokyo for many many years. I started before the digital revolution with a 35 mm camera, then hooked on to the digital bandwagon and used this medium professionally up until very recently.

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Snow scan

Anytime you hear the cymbal crashes more than the tremolo riffs, you know you’re headed Al Necro’s way. I had to listen to this Intolerant album on headset because I couldn’t hear the jizz that was coming out of my speakers. I’ll come out and say that this album got a

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Broken Limbs Recordings has the sonic hate you need to get you through these increasingly warm days! They just released a split from Leather Chalice and GIDIM that will crush all light under its glacial avalanche of audio destruction! The split is out on cassette today and you can pick

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