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Day two of King of the Monsters Fest featured a robust lineup that included a pair of headlining reunions by 90s’ hardcore pioneers Groundwork and Chokehold – with the former reuniting for the first time in 21 years – in addition to a rare appearance by Creation is Crucifixion. As with the

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Cursed Graves’ debut LP, California Noise, is damn near perfect. Hailing from San Diego, the trio has only been around for a few years. But, listening to California Noise, you’d never guess. The album wastes no time, beginning with the nihilistic beach punk of “Opus Dei.” Guitarist Blake Cox plays

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“Broken limbs bound to funeral pyres, torches lit, skyward, ceremonious light for the damned, the lord is now upon you” begins They Became the Falling Ash as it takes you on an hour-long journey. This second full-length from Ethereal Shroud, or rather Joe Hawker,  from Isle of Wight, is sure

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I hold my head high as I look up to the sky, thinking about the days when my life was total shit! All I could see was the negativity that was all around me. Even the flowers were devoid of smell and color. I needed something to pick me up, and that

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Check out these full sets from two bands we are think are bad to the bone! Pitfullofshit captured TRAP THEM & FULL OF HELL killing shit in Brooklyn last week – now it’s time for you to see it!  

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Yukio Mishima

He was three times nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, an accomplished bodybuilder, a trained soldier, an expert swordsman, a model, an actor, a singer. Any one of these achievements is impressive, two or three exceptional, all of them taken together is evidence of near superhuman willpower, an Übermensch

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Do I like head banging? HELL YES!!! The photo journalist Jacob Ehrbahn documented kids head banging in 2012 during the Wacken Fest & Copenhell, and the outcome was unreal! What I love about his photos is the sense of freedom you see on people’s faces – they seem to be in

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Not all records or bands can be put into a genre box – that’s what keeps music exciting! When I listen to a band, the first thing I listen for is how honest the music is, not what genre it is. One very special record that is about to come out is

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