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There is something so compelling about photos of outlaw biker culture from the 1960s and 70s. The choppers, the cuts, the windswept hair and the naked bodies make for some awesome daydreaming! Mother Earth, Father Sky is a tumblr that collects vintage photos of biker culture from this era, and

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Since we began this blog, there’s been speculation that we had big corporate backing for CVLT Nation, which is blatantly untrue, until now that is. After 4 years of struggling to keep this blog going, our long days and meager meals have paid off, literally! After last week’s interview we

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Rule of Thirds‘ self-titled debut LP will be released in a few weeks on Mass Media in the US, on keyboardist Lewis Ratboy’s No Patience label in their native Australia, and in Europe on Desire Records (What a trifecta of great labels, by the way). The Adelaide gothy postpunk band’s

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There are a few bands out there who have taken the term “HEAVY” and just run with it, taking this concept to its utmost extreme consequences. Some bands decide to be overwhelmingly technical, others overwhelmingly fast, others overwhelmingly theatrical, minimalist, or eccentric, or even slow; and well, MONOLORD from Sweden, who

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While many of our imaginings of future technologies involve fantasies of humanized computers and computerized humans, one possibility we don’t always ponder is the scientific advancements that will be made with our own flesh and senses. Popular culture doesn’t always explore the supplements and compounds that will be developed that

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Okay, here is the question: do I dig the new demo from Montreal’s DRIP?  The answer is mammoth HELL fucking YES! Now let me tell you why: because this band rocks harder than a cave man beating his prey! The primitive drumming that DRIP lays down has my skull shaking non

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I’m not going to front – at CVLT Nation we are extremely HUGE fans of France’s Doom Warriors MONARCH! We fucking way beyond stoked to share with you this sonic HULK of a performance by the band in St. Petersburg, Russia. Respect due to Anton Baronov for filming MONARCH killing

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Maybe due to the religious myths that have been hammered into our collective consciousness for millennia, human beings, especially in the west, have a tendency to see ourselves as once innocent, and now depraved. Once upon a time, we did it as nature intended us to, but now it’s all

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