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Well hot damn, this one was an unexpected mind fuck of an album to write about it. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lamentations Of The Ashen is a solo project headed by Bon Vincent Fry. His newest creation entitled Libertine Cyst is essentially a massive head trip down the

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OLD MAN GLOOM; ELECTRIC OWL; Vancouver 2015; tiina liimu music p

The  night was Feb. 26th, and I was going out to see OLD MAN GLOOM & BAPTISTS wreck shop at the Electric Owl here in Vancouver. My night started off right, because my loving wife hooked me up with a potent chocolate THC brownie that would help my mind get to

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The sculpture of Jim Skull taps into a fascination we all have with human death, and with what lies beneath our surface. For some people, the skull signifies fear, revulsion, warning. For others, it is a powerful talisman, an object to be revered. Upon finding a human skull at age

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It’s all the way live you Death Metal bastards! CVLT Nation is ultra fucking proud to present our new mix tape series: TOTAL DEATH vol.1! With this sonic onslaught we plan on bringing you the most putrid Black Death,Death Doom and Death Metal we could unearth. We are stoked to 

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First and foremost, let me be very clear: this split LP does not fuck around. At 21 minutes, Nashville’s Bleed the Pigs and Thetan waste no time. Bleed the Pig’s side kicks things off with a radioactive dose of harsh noise evocative of screamer Kayla Phillips’ noise project Pulsatile Tinnitus,

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Photographer: Nona Limmen Site: Based in: Amsterdam ONE “Anaïs” I remember this day so well. It was a cold and extremely foggy January morning when me and my friend “Anaïs” decided to take advantage of this serene yet sinister weather. At that time, I was reading some books mainly

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Moonchild is the debut release from the mysterious Pennsylvanian project Bride, out on Black Angel’s Death Cult. It appears that Bride shares members with ritualistic noise act T.O.M.B. and dark blues group Dreadlords, but beyond that, not much is known about the project besides what can be gleaned from the

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Loyalty and passion for an art form is something that I respect to the fullest. When you throw skateboarding into the mix, then you really have my attention. Barrier Kult are by far my favorite horde of skaters doing it right now, and when I saw that they had a

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