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A Post Punk Anthem!
CVLT Nation Streaming: VOIGHT KAMPFF
Last House On The Right

What’s that sound I hear in my head? It’s my ears chewing on some sweet sonic candy that comes in

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CVLT Nation Streaming:

 Right here and now, you are about to hear a track from one of the most moving records I have

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The CVLT Nation Sessions

CVLT Nation is proud to present the fifth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: BLACK SABBATH’s Paranoid.

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Old World New Wave Album
Review +Stream

Label: Neurot Recordings After listening to Constantinople, the debut album from Ides of Gemini, I was intrigued by the band.

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CVLT Nation Streaming: Obscure Burial
Dweller In The Abyss + Review

Label: Invictus Productions From Finland emerges 80’s German thrash retro black death metal occultists/artists Obscure Burial and their earthquake-inducing 2014

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So Rad So DIY Punk…
5 Episodes of CRUEL NOISE Radio
Streaming Now!

This is going to be fun…Check out episodes of our favorite podcast in the world, it goes by the name

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Throwing the Babies Out with the Bathwater:
The Skeletal Remains of Ashkelon

Every so often, an archaeological dig will turn up something mysterious that leaves scholars scratching their heads in wonder and

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Scalpels, Chisels and Pruning Shears… Self Amputation

At it’s foundation, our body is ours to do with as we please. However, there are procedures that even the

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Fall/Winter 2014 CVLT Nation EIGHT is Here!

CVLT Nation EIGHT brings the heavy with a brutal set of graphics from renowned artists MARK RIDDICK (USA), DANIEL “DESECRATOR”

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Art Is Hell… Visceral Photography

Jessicka Viscera is the warped mind behind Visceral Photography, and her imagery is visceral to the extreme. Her work explores

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CVLT Nation & Midnite Collective Interviews…
Mike Lawrence Illustration

Midnite Collective interviews Mike Lawrence, Illustrator First off, thanks for your time in making this interview happen. It’s great to

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A Watery Grave…
Thor’s Well

Living in the northwest, there are so many desolate places – and by desolate, I mean devoid of human life,

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Magical Ritual…
LUCIFER RISING Documentary Now Showing!

Let’s all get weird check out this amazing German documentary about Kenneth Anger and the making of his cult film

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Brightening the Bat Cave:

Finally, a new album from Zola Jesus of all new songs and not just stringed re-interpretations. This album does carry

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Pure Post-Punk Magic Pt. 2!
Pro-Shot BELGRADO Full Set Now Showing! -

Yesterday we shared with you an unreal full set from RAKTA. Now check out this stellar performance from BELGRADO from

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