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Last Thursday, I headed down to The Rickshaw in Vancouver to witness two major firsts for the Vancouver music scene – Deafheaven’s first Vancouver show, and Sumac’s first show, period. I got there early to catch the opener, Balance, and already the venue was filling up. Vancouverites generally like to

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It’s on! Venice locals The Shrine have a new 12 inch entitled Waiting For the War and it’s one bad mamma jamma!!! CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming “Rare Breed” below and it must be said Venice breeds awesome weirdos…Our comrades Tankcrimes are releasing this riffadelic piece of vinyl

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Here we have it. Finally, the long awaited, highly anticipated fourth full-length from NJHC veterans The Banner. After six years, a brief break-up, line up changes and a satiating cassette, Greying is here, and it’s all that it was cracked up to be. The Banner has been a constant touchstone

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Swirling, chaotic, virulent, black and maddening. These are but a few of the many adjectives that could be used to describe the incredibly harsh, unique music that Jute Gyte produces. But even with one hundred of the most descriptive words in the English language, I still would not be able

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At the Drive-In: The Station is Non-Operational is a must see film for any ATDI fan. It’s really a collection of live performances and interviews put together for our enjoyment. I know that, personally, this band changed my life and they deserve all of the love they get…Now press play

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In a weird way, Juggalos are the new punks. What I mean is that the Juggalo culture – their appearance, their music, their behaviour – is as incomprehensible and offensive to mainstream culture today as punk rockers were in the late 70s and early 80s. As far as I know,

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EALDATH - featured

In this episode of Screams from the Gutter, we bring you some bitterness, some filth, some morbid introspection, some loss and a ton of gloom.  If these bands ended up in this series, it means three things mainly: 1) I’m clusterfucked with work and can’t for the life of me find

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CVLT Nation salutes our comrade Phillip Cope from KYLESA for sharing his Top 5 Releases of 2014 with us! I always find it hard to do a best of the year list, but this year was particularly tough because there was no shortage of great records; especially with stuff on

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