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Check out this rad new mix tape The Brvtalism just released by the Devil and The Universe…New Brvtalism No. 012 The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix by Vienna-based, Ritual Goatwave masters, THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE. Over the past two years, there have been few acts that

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Photos by Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography Text by Luke Bolton The 3rd annual Desertfest, based in Camden amongst a myriad of venues. The London smog is replaced with a green haze as fans of doom, sludge, stoner and its many subgenres congregate and worship the uniting power of the

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Treha Sektori is one of the strange and beautiful ritual sonic projects coming out of prolific French, and his latest project involves vocal and visual improvisation over haunting ambient drone. His first performance was done for The Amenra Project featuring Little Swastika, and he was also a guest at Consouling

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Knowing many of us here at the CVLT Nation camp are freaks for everything Chelsea Wolfe, you can imagine that the August 7th release date for her new album is almost torturous. She has described the album in the following statement: “Abyss is meant to have the feeling of when you’re

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If you are afraid of self-torture please turn away NOW! These photos below show Sufi holy men taking part in a strange act of self-torture at a festival to mark the death of a saint. The annual URS Festival in India is a place where thousands of followers of the

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Mo Anam Cara, meaning soulmate or spiritual guide in Gaelic, is the sixth album from Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist Joy Shannon and her band The Beauty Marks. With shades of conceptual black metallers Ulver, Mo Anam Cara is a musical tribute to the goddesses and spiritual guides of Celtic and

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When we think of futuristic music, we often think of electronic sounds that are disconnected from human interaction. But Self Spiller has created futuristic music, and instead of being cold and pulsating with a robotic heartbeat, it uses technology to turn many voices into one, bringing an entire globe together

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Al Necro is a tad excited about this latest review. What we have here this time out is the band Antiversum and their siphoning into a black hole mini-album, Total Vacuum. Antiversum are a strange bunch. The music isn’t strange – its quite beautiful actually. An addictive slab of black/death/doom,

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