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I caught up with Loss‘ bassist John Ichabod Anderson to talk about Dragon-Con the worlds second largest sub-culture convention, the band, horror and goth. How did you become involved with Dragon Con? Ichabod: My involvement with Dragon Con began when I met Derek Tatum, Director of Dragon Con’s Horror Track,

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A room full of punks enjoying HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS & UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Both of these bands are so fucking rad…Much respect due to unARTigNYC for capturing this kick ass footage! Hank Wood And The Hammerheads Una Bèstia Incontrolable

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Label: DRY COUGH Records What is there really left to say when you’re confronted with an EP cover depicting a hideous montage of misery complete with a fire-breathing penis? If the artwork is anything to go by, Open Tomb‘s utter rejection of all things subtle and tasteful actually bodes well

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Straight Up and Down, CVLT Nation is a fan of OATHBREAKER. Do I feel bad that I was not able to catch one of their shows stateside…The answer is YES, but those are the breaks being that we live in awesome Vancouver, BC now. Anyway, check out this intense, breathtaking

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At the bottom of this post is a special mixtape Chris Low made for the second anniversary of the Funeral Parade deathrock event in Austin, Texas. Chris Low currently drums for the reunited UK goth-punk band Part 1, adding to a career that has already included drumming stints with anarcho-punk

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via Human Marvels Horned humans have a rich background in myth. Also, from the horns of Alexander to the horns of Moses many important figures have been purported to possess horns. While in these cases the horns were a matter of misinterpretation or illusion, many notable naturalists and medical scholars

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As has been proven for decades now, California’s Bay Area has given rise to a host of black metal bands, among them Weakling, Leviathan and Deafheaven. From Weakling’s vast, meandering sound to Leviathan’s nail-biting dirges to Deafheaven’s genre-blending, the eccentricities that sprout forth from San Franciscan soil appears to be

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It had been months in the making, but there I was. Reading my Japanese Independent Music book and picking up whatever scraps I could online of the supposed ‘hot spots’ for Japanese noise music could not have prepared me for what I was about to see. I had reached noise

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