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Total, unchallenged, unadulterated, fucking sonic BEDLAM. Ten minutes. Only ten miserable minutes of almost senseless torment. Ten fucking minutes in which your life is ripped to pieces; in which you sink to hell, and touch the bottom of a trench of fathomless affliction. There is no other way to describe the ferocity

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I know when the first Mad Max movie came out, I went apeshit because I had never seen anything like it! Now decades later and the movies that have followed this film have created a subculture of their own. From Sept. 24-27th, Wasteland Weekend takes place in California City, CA and all things

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Pirates are one of those historical subcultures where you just know the truth is going to be a long way from their portrayal in popular culture. The ‘yarr me hearties’ and ‘shiver me timbers’ thing, the parrots on shoulders and buried treasure – nobody makes it to adulthood thinking that

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Some bands play that kind of punk that makes you want to get up and dance, and HELTA SKELTA is one of these kind of bands. Their new album Beyond the Black Slump is coming out on Oct. 23rd from our comrades Deranged Records. We have been given the green light to

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Photos: Taylor Ferguson The Southern Lord Tour featuring BLACK BREATH, GOATSNAKE, BATTALION OF SAINTS and OBLITERATIONS was off the FUCKING CHAIN! Besides seeing killer bands rip shit all night long, I was in the company of friends from Seattle and Vancouver, which made the bight even better! I could give a riff by riff account

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Black Wing is a solo project masterminded, executed and recorded by the eclectic Dan Barrett, the man responsible for the bleak stylings of Giles Corey and one half of the the melancholic shoegazey drone lords Have a Nice Life. The project was initially conceived as an all-digital foray into the

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When I first heard Berlin’s PISS, I said to myself, this band fucking RULES HARD!!! Their demo is an audio injection of uncut raw and filthy fury. Now they are back with a new 7 inch that will be released in the near future via Static Shock Musik. Right here and now, we are stoked to

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I fucking love CAVITY, so I’m super excited to share with you footage from their first NYC show in over a decade. Frank Huang aka Pit Full Of Shit – you rule for capturing the set, nice one!!!  

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