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DECAYING have been one of the more prolific death metal bands in recent years, releasing their fourth full album in as many years, One To Conquer, on October 20th via Hellthrasher Productions. This Finnish horde has not compromised one bit on their crushing sound, and One to Conquer will storm your eardrums

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Label: Neurot Recordings After listening to Constantinople, the debut album from Ides of Gemini, I was intrigued by the band. Their style of play is quite interesting and can be described as “dream doom” or something of that kind. It has the weight of the doom metal scene but there

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Label: Invictus Productions From Finland emerges 80’s German thrash retro black death metal occultists/artists Obscure Burial and their earthquake-inducing 2014 release, Epiphany. Everyone’s guilty of having gushed over a lesser band while in a good mood every so often, but Obscure Burial’s latest is sure to bring a smile on

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Every so often, an archaeological dig will turn up something mysterious that leaves scholars scratching their heads in wonder and amazement. And then there’s excavations, like that of an ancient sewer in Ashkelon, that leave them downright horrified… Ashkelon was a port city on what is now the shores of

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This is going to be fun…Check out episodes of our favorite podcast in the world, it goes by the name of CRUEL NOISE Radio…These musical journeys into underground punk are created by John Villegas of DRUG LUST and CRUEL NOISE Records. Enough of me talking, it’s time to blast over

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What’s that sound I hear in my head? It’s my ears chewing on some sweet sonic candy that comes in the form of the new VOIGHT KAMPFF song entitled “Last House On The Right”…I just keep finding myself pressing replay on this soon-to-be-released 7 inch coming out via our comrades

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Lucifer Rising 4

Let’s all get weird check out this amazing German documentary about Kenneth Anger and the making of his cult film Lucifer Rising!

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Jessicka Viscera is the warped mind behind Visceral Photography, and her imagery is visceral to the extreme. Her work explores the abyss of the human mind – the place some of us love to look into, while others pretend it’s not there. Some of these images are more subjective rather

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