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This screamo record is more metal than every metal record that ever existed. This screamo record is more metal than Tom G. Warrior. This screamo record is more metal than Varg and Fenriz and Chuck and Dave and Abbath. This screamo record, a self-titled LP by a Swedish band called

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CVLT Nation Interviews Jimbob Isaac

Below is the interview I did with Jimbob Isaac of the exceptional Hark. Personally, I’ve been a fan of his work since the Taint days. And if you are unfamiliar with them, which is understandable – after all, they were an obscure gem – just think of Trouble; Dinosaur Jr.,

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There are a ton of bleak new black metal projects being spewed from the icy maw Fallen Empire Records, Aureole‘s “Alunar” is the first of them to wedge itself into my head. This dismal gem dropped back in September and is not unlike the bulk of Fallen Empire’s roster. Aureole

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Slimy Member are a four piece dark punk act from Dallas, Texas, founded in late 2013. Their name obviously comes from the title of a song on Rudimentary Peni’s seminal “Death Church” LP. Now, Rudimentary Peni are one of my favorite bands and one of the most insanely good bands

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In the spirit of my favorite holiday, I thought I’d troll through our film archives to find a selection of movies that might spice up your evening. Some of these are ridiculous, others are disturbing, but they are all unique from the normal Halloween horror films. Whether it’s background images

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Those wacko weirdos over at The Whore Church have teamed up with FISTULA to create a manic demonic rampage on your eyeballs! They’re coming for you with their axe swinging, and you won’t survive their visual onslaught unscathed! Check out the video for “Harmful Situation” below, and you can get

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 Happy Halloween CVLT Nation readers! To celebrate our favorite holiday, we’re offering free shipping in the US and Canada until end of day Monday, November 3rd! Plus any international orders over $75 USD ship free, no code needed. Check out and pick yourself up some evil gear for the

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The evil and ethereal BOG OAK have a special treat for you today – a brand new free track up for download! They’ve reinterpreted the theme to 1979’s horror classic Phantasm, and you can stream and download it below or on their Bandcamp!

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