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Vancouver is by far my favorite place I have ever lived on the planet for many different reasons!!! One reason is that it’s full of rad bands, which means there always wicked shows to go to. Another reason I love Vancouver is because all of the kick ass humans in the

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80s HardcoreHardcorePower Violence

In the handful of large-scale music events I’ve attended in the past fifteen years, none have captured my attention or energy like the King of the Monsters Records Fest (KOTM). Taking place from July 31st to August 1st, in Tempe, Arizona’s Nile Theater, KOTM’s existence and success is owed to

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You CVLT Nation readers are a lucky bunch –not only are you about to discover Nailhouse, one of the best kept secrets of Australia’s underground, but you also get to hear exclusive tracks from one of the most anticipated demos (at least from those in the know) of the year. Their long

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What am I listening to right now? I’m listening to my new summertime anthem by MYRKUR called “Dybt i Skoven” – it’s a different version, but just as beautiful. Her new LP M hits the streets via Relapse Records on Aug. 21st. So here is the drill: press play below then

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Black MetalDoomMusic

Light your candles, sharpen your ceremonial knives and grab a goat in preparation for a sacrifice to the Elder Ones here, people. Drouth have deemed our world worthy to partake in these profane and strangely enchanting tracks. Formerly known as Contempt, this Portland-based band have shed their previous moniker like snake

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The time has come for the world to deal with a new and unapolagetic threat in sonic form, an immeasurable pile of violence and darkness coming its way. ATRAMENT are a new d-beat crust band from Oakland, CA, formed by current and former members of notable Bay Area bands like Necrot, Vastum,

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ArtCvltureFeaturedPhotographySocial Justice

Anthony’s Karen’s behind the scenes photos of the Ku Klux Klan shows a glimpse into a secretive racist brotherhood that most of us have (hopefully) never seen. I know first hand how these individuals have terrorized this country for decades, so it is interesting to see how they interact with

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The author would like to thank Signal Culture, where this essay was written during a summer Researcher in Residence period, and to Drexel University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry for its presentation.   “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” begins the incantation to invoke a demon of the same name using the simple tools

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