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The Cure is a band that has a special place in our hearts, nestled alongside music of many different genres heavy, melancholy and light. So when we got the news that Mort Subite (Megaton Leviathan, Vaital Deul, Alfheimr) and Martti Hill (Barrowlands), alongside Billy Anderson and Rob Vikernes, had put together

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In the late 1980’s, I was fortunate enough to be record trading pen pals with the guitarist (Tomas) of HC band Ultimo Gobierno, who hailed from Burgos, a city in northern Spain. He was a fanatic for NYHC records and in exchange he would send me dozens of righteous platters from

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Self expression is something that I champion because I know it’s important for humans to be able to show the world their tribe. During the 1950s, that was pretty hard to do if you were a teenager at a when society expected you to play the assimilation game. Fitting in and living

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The word on the street is this might be the MOST BRUTAL DEATH SCENE Of 2015 seen on film. This horrific act of violence and gore takes place in the new film Bone Tomahawk featuring Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson. I’m not going to give away the story, but I will say

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Recitation’s debut LP, Carrion, is quite possibly the heaviest album of 2015. Since releasing a self-titled EP last year, the Danish trio has taken a more nihilistic turn, progressing from psychedelic doom into hopeless sludge. Consisting of one 27-minute song, Carrion is damn close to perfect. The track begins with

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We need to grab onto these fickle strands of dying light. We need to embrace The Arms in Twilight. So says LAKES, and the one-man Australian post punk band is opening a portal in the gloom with their upcoming LP Arms in Twilight. Today we’re bringing you a full stream of

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Last month, the Netherlands saw yet another fest of massive, roomy proportions lay waste to its lucky inhabitants – the Le Guess Who Fest in Utrecht. It spread music across the city in several venues for four days of audio wreckage. Our photographer Andrea Petrovicova was there to capture some of the beauty that

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Wow, this is just so fucking cool – check out SPAZZ spazzing out in Albany – the year was 1997! Grind for your LIFE!  

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