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UK metal has had a pretty great year, with bands from all walks of the musical spectrum taking chances, building on their foundations and creating albums that speak to the heart, the soul and the darker side of the self. These records are six that had the band step up

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All reviews written by Bruce Hardt except where noted. SIX: THE BANNER - Greying Here we have it. Finally, the long awaited, highly anticipated fourth full-length from NJHC veterans The Banner. After six years, a brief break-up, line up changes and a satiating cassette, Greying is here, and it’s all that

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Nostalgia For The Unreal (CVLT Nation)

You can forget all about the neoclassical, virtuoso nonsense, and the pseudo-progressive metal out there; because it’s Zebulon Pike time. The quartet have been putting out masterworks for more than a decade now, and yet not many people know about them. That’s got to change. Or else you’ll be regretting having

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Italy’s Hierophant waste no time when it comes to following up their albums with further madness. 2013 saw the release of their second album, Great Mother: Holy Monster, with 2010 debuting their self-titled onslaught. With barely a year and a half gone by, Hierophant end 2014 with their third LP,

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Nate Newton has already recorded a lot of great records, including some of my favorites of all time. Since 2012, things got even better and more productive since he’s recording at least one amazing album each year. Just to remember: All We Love We Leave Behind, with Converge, in 2012,

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It’s hard to imagine UKHC without the internet. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine anything without the internet anymore. Underground movements, in particular, though, thrive on its members ability to communicate. Remove Bandcamp, Twitter, forums, message boards, Facebook and MySpace and one begins to wonder just how the hell

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YamaOrce mother_of_dragons_by_yamao-d63rm57

I was inspired by my John Howe Tolkien art post yesterday to search out some more fantasy art from my favorite novels. Of course, next up had to be artwork inspired by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. The concept art for this series is pretty

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SIX: WOUNDVAC – s/t EP When you think of Arizona, there are a few images that probably come to mind right away; cactus, guns, republicans, shitty weather, Jimmy Eat World (yeah that garbage band is from AZ), multiple beige colored buildings, Filibertos Mexican food, and of course Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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