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Why do I like the INTERNET K-Hole so much? Because it reminds me so much of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. When I look at many of these photos, I just think about how me and my homies gave our parents hell with the absurd stuff we used

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Newsflash: CVLT Nation writer Al Necro found dead in a moshpit! Seriously, Al Necro’s fine. But Unsacred’s False Light has got Al Necro moshpit-starved from the get-go, and from that point on, there was no turning back. False Light is THAT underground album you can brag about to friends who’ve

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fuck vice

The Brooklyn DIY performance space Death By Audio has come to an end at the hands of the media giant Vice! The “counterculture” conglomerate has rented the building that houses Death By Audio and is forcing them to close their doors after 7 years as an artist run studio/gallery/show space.

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usnea - random coscmic violence - header

Ten years from now, you’ll discuss this album with your friends and they will say: “what, that album that almost fucking killed me?” And you will reply: “yes, that crushing motherfucker right there.” In fact, Usnea‘s heaviness is no mystery, and their music seems to have a timelessness that will

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If you are a CVLT Nation reader, then you know one of our favorite Bay Area Doom bands is the always fucking heavy SWAMP WITCH! Today I just saw that they released a new album entitled The Slithering Bog which is streaming in full below. The band has plans to

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In my lIn my lifetime, I have seen Tony Alva re-invent himself and his company many different times while always staying ahead of the curve! Out of all of the OG Z-Boys, he has had the biggest impact on youth culture both mainstream and underground. Alva has always gotten his

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I had a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a child, probably a 7th edition or something, but I remember how stark the difference was between Grimm’s version of stories like The Little Mermaid and the cheesy Disney versions. The Grimm stories were enrapturing but also disturbing, and told of

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One of the most valuable Maori artifacts that survive to this day are Mokomokai – the preserved heads of people with Moko. Often, the heads were those of family members or important tribe members, and were treated with the utmost respect and brought out on special occasions. But Mokomokai were

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