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Full of Hell has come a long way. Their debut album, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, has remained a personal favorite since it’s 2011 release. Their followup, Rudiments of Mutilation, was a noise-punk masterpiece, despite it not capturing the same fervor of their debut. Around and between these

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via Jenkem  Filmed & Edited by: Sean Colello Skateboarding: Rob Miceli Photography: Sean Colello “We hit up a few abandoned spots to make this project happen but the one place we went back to constantly was a partially abandoned psychiatric center in New York state. Back in 1931 the center

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Victorians had a lot of fun with the new invention of the camera. They would dress up and act out scenes, decapitate themselves and use double exposure to create the effect of a spirit in the photo with them. Adding in a “twin” or clone was another popular portrait trick.

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Since a Missouri KKK group began making threats of lethal force against the Ferguson protesters last week, calling them “terrorists” and promising violent retaliation if any action is taken by protesters following the outcome of police officer Darren Wilson’s grand jury decision, ANONYMOUS has taken on the despicable organization head-on.

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The human body can be beautiful, but it takes a lot of Photoshopping to hide all the bumps and blackheads, spots and tears, wrinkles and sags. We are all grotesque in our own ways, and we don’t all have a team of makeup artists, estheticians, hairstylists and photo retouchers to

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Deadpressure is an aggressive Hardcore band from San Jose (((California))). They draw influences from West Coast Powerviolence legends Capitalist Casualties as well as SJ local fastcore heroes In Disgust. They are one of the most devastating bands to emerge from San Jose. On point. Plague Widow is a Death Metal

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Hey metal bruthas! Al Necro here. Where it’s at? Boom-Boom-Pop. Where it’s at? Boom-Boom-Pop. Dark Descent Records, dudes. It’s been quite a banner year for Dark Descent. The latest in a fine slew of releases being Dire Omen’s Wrestling the Revelation Of Futility. Underground death metal fans should have heard

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Avant! Records has come with yet another stellar release, this time in the form of the new HOT GUTS record, WILDS.. We’ve been fans of this Philadelphia duo since their first album Edges, so we’re honored to bring you their newest full length, which hit the streets on Nov. 10th,

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