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The Church of Ra has long been established as a focal point for strength and unity within the Belgian metal scene, and indeed for artists and musicians beyond the country’s borders who find themselves drawn to their vision and artistic aesthetic. Amenra may have been the initial keystone, but the

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Austin Osman Spare was an English artist and occultist born in 1886. After beginning to draw at the age of twelve, Spare quickly became recognized and awarded for his art. He was recommended for a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, and in 1903, being only seventeen, he won

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Growing up in L.A., it’s hard to escape gang culture because it’s all around you, from the city walls to the school halls. When I would go to my stepsisters house, who has been an active Rollin 20’s Blood for over 30 years, I would always find myself looking through all

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Austin, Texas horror garage punk institution HEX DISPENSERS will be releasing their third LP, aptly titled III, on June 6th, 2015 (the 9th anniversary of the very first Hex Dispensers rehearsal on 06/06/06, by the way). Below is an exclusive streaming track we’re excited to reveal, as well as an

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ArtAvant GardePhotography

So what do we have here? An amazing photo essay featuring three interesting bands NOD NOD + KAYO DOT + BOTANIST taken by one of our favorite photographers, Andrea Petrovicova. Now check out how it gets weird in Prague! NOD NOD KAYO DOT BOTANIST

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Coming from Switzerland, Soldat Hans bring forth their first release, Dress Rehearsal. The title itself is quite curious, almost as if they are saying that the band is actually just in the rehearsal/preparation stage of what is to come. The five-piece downtempo band finds itself on an interesting trajectory between

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If this band from Vancouver lets up enough to let you gather your thoughts on their new EP Perpetual Warfare, you might find yourself confused as to what brand of metal – if this is metal at all – you are listening to. AHNA might just be playing sludge-infested punk.

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Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions (The Great Old Ones, Darkenhold, Deuil) has recently opened up a side branch of their record label entitled Emanations. The sub-division of the label will be showcasing up and coming French Black Metal bands and will be released via cassette tapes for all you fiends out

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