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via Channel4 Deep beneath the streets of Romania’s capital, a living hell exists, write Paraic O’Brien and filmmaker Jim Wickens.. The last time we met Catalina had been underground, deep in the Bucharest tunnel system that Bruce Lee and his gang of homeless drug addicts call home. She was in

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This is fucking beyond sick: our brothers in noise Toxicbreed’s Funhouse have just released their new Casa de Diversion Covers Vol.3. Tune the fuck in to 23 covers that will have your ears head banging in joy….and guess what? It’s FREE!!! Download HERE & Stream BELOW! Covers Vol. 3 by

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Skating through the streets of New York is one thing I miss about living in the city! With every push on the concrete, you can feel the pulse of the Rotten Apple under your feet, and weaving though traffic will keep you alert. One thing I never did was skate

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We received a really cool email from the UK this morning from Andrew Bannerman Bayles, who happens to be an unreal photographer. He said he checked out some of our past photo essays about the punk scene and said we should check out his flicks from the 80s and 90s.

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1…2…3… are you ready for knuckle-buster, straight edge hardcore? The new MODERN PAIN record Self Deconstruction that is coming out on Six Feet Under Records will give you your fix. Over the course of 5 pounding jams, this band wastes no time bringing the anthems. Check out the full MODERN

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Fuzzed Out and Bugged Out decided to have a sonic bastard child and name it BEIGE EAGLE BOYS. These noise-addicted audio freak subhumans have a new album entitled You’re Gonna Get Yours that comes out today via Reptilian Records. So now plug yourself into this full stream below and know

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Many consider themselves artists, or designers, Some are good at what they do… I think he is So go ahead and check out TOM IS THE BASTARD: What made you start doing design work? Did you draw before, or did it come out of the pure need of having some

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nashville metal and hardcore scene has arrived. From blistering grindcore to crushing doom to everything in between, this city’s best acts are finally getting some of the national attention they deserve. One of the most interesting, if not most ferocious bands to come on the scene

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