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The Decibel Magazine Tour has been blazing a trail across North America, leaving decimated audiences in its wake! They hit Vancouver last week, and by all accounts it was an amazing show, which is to be expected from the stacked line up featuring Auroch, Vallenfyre, Pallbearer, Converge and At The

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Equal parts spastic and ghostly, BLANK SPELL exists somewhere between what people like to call dark punk, post punk and everyone’s favorite misnomer, death rock. This is, plain and simple, punk music. Accentuated by concise guitar movements, I can’t help but stand in awe of the musicianship of the guitar player/singer

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Not much is known here about this band who hail from Florence, Italy,  called MACERIE, a name that in Italian means “Ruins.” This one single awesome fucking EP is the only thing the band has made available, and information about them is sparse if not completely nonexistent; but with a

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Soothing waves of crushing doom are washing over me, while the vocals rake at my skin like shards of seashore rock. The GOLDEN BATS are releasing their new 7″ via Tym Records on April 18th, and I’m listening to our exclusive full stream of it right now. If you like

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DESERTFEST 2015 is fast approaching, and weekend tickets are already sold out! This huge festival based in Camden, London has a killer lineup, and we have a pair of tickets for Saturday, April 25th‘s shows to give away to one lucky winner! Saturday’s lineup features performances from Eyehategod, Brant Bjork,

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If there’s one European release we’ve been waiting on with baited breath, it’s the debut album from Belgium’s Wiegedood, De Doden Hebben Het Goed. Coming to us via Consouling Sounds on May 8th, 2015, De Doden Hebben Het Goed is a perilous sonic journey through a cold and desolate landscape,

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Check out this unreal footage of Los Crudos wrecking shop at this year’s Hardcore Stadium! Seeing Martin doing his thing is an inspiration and I have nothing but respect for the crowd. PUNK IS NOT DEAD AT ALL! I feel 13 again watching this, and that is one reason why

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Do I love HARDCORE from all over the world? The answer is HELL fucking YES! Now hear this insane Finnish 80’s hardcore mixtape put together by Cotard-Syndrom…straight up killer no filler!!! Download Link HERE! 1. Treblinka – Varis 2. SA-int – Ei Työllä Rikastu 3. Destrucktions – STK 4. Riistetyt

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