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Sometimes when you’re done screaming your heart out, you need to take a rest from the aggressive sounds, and that’s only fair, because when the cathartic effect is done, you often have nothing left in you to be mad about. While indie singers are not prone to have hardcore projects,

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by Martin Schneider via Dangerous Minds Blogging under the name cavalorn on LiveJournal, Adrian Bott has unearthed an absolute beaut from his childhood—a 1974 guide to the occult, written expressly for children, masquerading as a more innocuous manual on performing magic. The book was called How to Make Magic and

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I was fortunate enough to find out about Blood Bright Star when they released their split album with High Aura’d (which you should also check out). It was obvious to me back then that this project of visual artist Reuben Sawyer was mesmerizing music. The blend of psychedelic influences, drone

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Today we’re honored to be bringing you a stream off the upcoming Megaton Leviathan release, Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell, via Seventh Rule. “The Foolish Man” is a journey of massive proportions; once you step into its world, you are caught in swirling northern winds as you watch Aurora

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Avant Anomalies Of The Month August 2014

The sands of time are running low for the August edition of Avant Anomalies Of The Month, so without any hesitation, let me introduce you to the eight entries of this month: “Devourer” Artist: Robedoor Year Of Release: 2005 Genre/Style: Experimental/Noise Rock/Psychedelia/Free Improvisation Robedoor are a number of post-hobos, and

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Code Orange returns, though not as kids, but rather as a furious, new entity with its older, familiar parts grafted on seamlessly. 2012’s Love is Love/Return to Dust was explosive and strange, a strong debut from a band whose sound has no immediate peers. That album was easily segmented, each

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via Animal New York Opponents of cannabis legalization are turning to academics with impressive resumes and titles to push the line that cannabis — the drug with not a single known case of deadly overdose — is unsafe and dangerous. Vice has dug into the open secret of conflict of

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Calling all humans who love stellar passionate post punk! UNDERPASS’s new album Assimilation is out now via Desire Records. You can read our outstanding review HERE…Right now this amazing band is on tour all over the USA. If they happen to come to your town, make sure to drop everything

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