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It was by pure accident really that I stumbled upon San Diego artist David Van Gough. While nursing a hangover at home one day with my girlfriend and perusing   Netflix, we came across the documentary “Serial Killer Culture”, which features collectors and historians of all things macabre. About half way

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This feature is via our comrades over at JENKEM Magazine! Intro: James Lee Words: Seb Carayol There has been plenty of controversial art put on skateboards over the years, but only a handful that may still be considered offensive in 2014. These days, everyone is pretty numb to violence and

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While today we use boring methods of execution so as to preserve the humanity of both the executioner and the executed, back in the day they really didn’t give a shit about the people they punished. In fact, humiliation and suffering were important aspects of torture and execution, and no

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This Friday at the Hindenburg on Cordova in Vancouver BC, ANCIIENTS are kicking off their Winter 2014 tour alongside INTRONAUT with a full on fucking rager! They’ll be joined by CASTLE, AZODANUM and CRATERS plus DJ sets from CVLT Nation and Cam Pipes, and we’re giving away a pair of

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POTR OCT 14-39

Text and Photos: Adam Murray EXCEL, GOATSNAKE, XIBALBA, OBLITERATIONS, BAPTISTS, TORCH RUNNER at LOS GLOBOS OCTOBER 15 2014 Pretty smooth night right here for this one. This was essentially the release party for Excel’s Split Image reissue on Southern Lord, as well as a Power of the Riff showcase. As

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Suffering Luna go a long way back. The psychedelic hardcore band was formed back in the ‘90s but has not been very active. They released a couple of split albums, one with sludge/crust overlords Dystopia and the other with Gasp, and then vanished from the scene for about fifteen years.

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This soul-staining slab of nocturnal emission, is the work of two men, Ævangelist. If Omen Ex Simulacra was a grime-ridden piece of blackened death metal, Writhes in the Murk is an even darker beast that feeds upon the chaos it creates. Living up to it’s title, the songs flow from

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Feedback, Filth, Human Remains, Rotting Earth and Decaying Dreams are the kind of thoughts I have as I listen to the new Gangrened album We Are Nothing.These Finnish sludge mongers sling the kind of riffs that break jaws when the music is played full blast! Gangrened’s songs are full of

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