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SWAMP WITCH has been a long time favorite here at CVLT Nation…They are getting ready to release their new album entitled The Slithering Bog. Now It’s your chance to check out their new song “Strange Cults”…Damn, this band rules so fucking hard!

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Dark Descent Records: Release Date 24 November 2014 So, CVLT Nation aficionados, care for a killer review? Are you listening to too much Foreigner, playing, “I Want to Know What Cvlt Is?”  Well, its October 2014, and another highly-anticipated album drops on Al Necro’s lap. ZOM is the name of

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DAWN OF HUMANS wrecking shop at The Acheron, captured by PITFULLOFSHIT - nuff said! Top Banner Photo by Sarja Ann

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1. DEATH KNEEL: ”Lilac & Benzine” Now here is a band that is punk as fuck, but they are not even punk. DEATH KNEEL create noise that is constructed broken rhythms that punch you in the nose!! Right now I’m being showered with shards of glass covered in static melodies riding on the

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VIEWER BEWARE: what you are about to see is indelible proof of how stupid human beings can be. Some of these images may cause blindness or rage or uncontrollable urination. If I had any of these images tattooed on my butt, I would never take my pants off again. I

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This year marked the passing of H.R. GIGER into the realm of the unknown, and into the realm of legend. His art is transformative, and will be appreciated for generations for its surreal, nightmare landscapes and terrifying imaginings. Our comrade in film Zev Deans has put together a collection of

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Check out this really inspiring documentary Llik Your Idols, it features some rad people breaking down the power of Cinema of Transgression…Mad interviews with people like Nick Zedd, Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and others. Llik Your Idols is directed by Angélique Bosio… much respect

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Phobocosm – Deprived (Dark Descent Records) It’s comfortable for a writer to lean on convention sometimes; but sometimes, convention gets co-opted because the band actually does stuff you don’t necessarily expect, like write riffs worth commenting on. I haven’t wanted to apply the term “catchy” to a “darkened death metal”

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