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Although Kissed may have made me more sympathetic to it, necrophilia is still one of the grossest sexual preferences I can think of. OK – some of us may find death fascinating, researching it and surrounding ourselves with imagery of it, but that doesn’t mean we’d prefer a cold, lifeless

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The SXSW season is upon us, and Rock of Ages Tattoo, alongside CVLT Nation, Relapse Records, Southern Lord and Brutal Panda, is putting on a showcase that you will not want to miss! Headlining our Saturday, March 21st all-day show at the Midway Fieldhouse is the almighty GOATSNAKE, with even

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KALIYA fucking rule HARD!!! This Tuesday, March 3rd, is your chance to pick up their self-titled album…From what I have heard, these Texas rage dealers are all about pounding out riffs and taking names later! CVLT Nation is stoked to be premiering the new KALIYA tune “The Exiled” below. When

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Well, regardless of your geographic location, Brooklyn, New York’s up and coming resident Stoner-Rock band Blackout have begun to warm up this frozen side of the world in anticipation of their sophomore album being dropped into our laps on March 31, courtesy of Riding Easy Records. So while this release still has

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Poutrage Records, Dingleberry Records, Opposing Music, Itai Itai Records, Fall Into Void Records, Old Town Bicyclette Records – what do all of these labels have in common? They have all united to release the new album by Paris group VALVE, entitled APNEE. Once you press play, what kind of sound

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NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD, EXHUMED, IRON REAGAN, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, THEORIES live at Studio Seven 02.18.2015 Photos and text: Robert Hanna UK grindcore legends Napalm Death have spent a lot of time in the spotlight recently, launching a massive tour on the heels of their 2015 release Apex Predator – Easy

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The terms “deathrock” and “post-rock” have been tossed around frequently in recent years, but seldom have those titles been earned. I am as much to blame as anyone – an addict by nature, there is the need to re-capture that feeling I found the first time I popped Only Theater

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One of the first bands to believe in our vision at CVLT Nation was INDIAN, and today we are here to tell you that this legendary band is no more! We want to salute these humans for turning out savage record after savage record! Today we want to send them

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