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Few bands created quite the stir last year as Bölzer did with their 3 song Aura EP.  At this year’s MDF, people may have been just as excited about Bölzer as they were to see Dark Angel. What justifies a band with only one 3 song EP and a demo

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HELL & ASH BORER are headed to the Gilead Fest taking place this weekend! For now, check this unreal footage of both bands in Brooklyn at St. Vitus Bar. Much respect due to our comrade in heavy, PITFULLOFSHIT, for capturing this show on film! ASH BORER & HELL TOUR DATES07.16.14

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We are so stoked that this day is here! We’ve been working on a new project here at CVLT Nation, and we’re proud to say that Issue 1 of CVLT Nation Magazine is now online! We’ve taken one of our most popular features, Seven Stories, as the inspiration for our

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Vacant Face

Last year Take Over And Destroy released one of my personal favourites of 2013, so the news that they were ready to go with a follow up to Endless Night so soon was quite the pleasant surprise. Vacant Face is the sound of band fully hitting their stride, and of

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Text: Will // Hivelords A golden, rotting body; like many tour kickoffs, things were stressful with last minute preparations for the first gigs in Lindenwold, NJ and York, PA. Windmill of Corpses killed it both nights, as they do, perma-road-dogs who bring the ruckus. The Sex Dungeon in Lindenwold is

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“[How] strangely they have decreased by the Hand of God… and it hath generally been observed that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them.” – Daniel Denton (early American colonist) The popular Pilgrim myth involves a persecuted group of Christian reformers who fled England

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Vermin Womb

With their debut album, Permanence, Denver’s Vermin Womb have successfully managed to combine chicken and ice cream. Not literally, of course, but with eight tracks and around twenty minutes, Ethan Lee McCarthy has produced a bestial synthesis of Deathgrind and Sludge, with elements of otherworldly black metal. The band brilliantly manages these

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Fórn is a band that is about to crush mad fucking skulls with their powerful debut album The Departure of Consciousness. People from around the world are going to hear this monolithic boulder of audio doom and wonder how such a young band could create such a perfect record. I

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