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Some people like blackened death metal dirge just fine. Al Necro, on the other hand, loves it. Tall task in order here – describing just what Abjvration does so distinctly well to put it in plain view for all to see. Abjvration’s The Unquenchable Pyre is hypnotic, doomy, heavy, and

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Our German comrades in Rage DEATHRITE have a new record entitled Revelation of Chaos that is coming on July 24th via Prosthetic Records. All I can say is that it is an ALL OUT BLAST OF SONIC CHAOS THAT NEVER LETS UP!!! Right here and now, CVLT Nation is premiering

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Unholy HEAVY DOOM FUCK… the new FUNERARY songs on their upcoming split with OOZE are unfreaking REAL! Listening to their music feels like my whole being is dragged through a neverending cave of despair, and all I can taste in my mouth is the pain of their riffs! Today we have

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Photos by Tobias Roberts Bands that come onto the scene and completely change the game are few and far between. The ones that continue to do so throughout their career, seemingly throwing elitist metal fetishism a different curveball with every release, are almost unheard of. No matter what one may

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We no longer record our history in our minds, or on stone tablets and walls that will carry our marks for centuries to come. As each decade has passed, we have found more fleeting capsules to contain our words and wisdom, scrolls that decay and books that burn, film that

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It’s Monday, which is generally the shittiest day of the week, so here’s something to make you laugh. More bad taxidermy. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Each photo is worth 1000 duhs. These poor animals weren’t even capable of these facial expressions in life, and are now doomed

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Now this is just so rad: DETHFOX have just kicked off their US tour! To go along with this crucial event, the band has released a 2015 US Tour edition tape via RUNSTATE Tapes. We are now streaming this kick ass collection of tunes…Everyone reading this on the East Coast, make sure to

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Written by John Villegas of Cruel Noise Rising from the general obscurity of North West Indiana, the elusive Coneheads are on a different tier of modern punk, though they exist in the same chasm. Taking queues from new wave as well as first wave punk, their shared conglomeration of noise defies true

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