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Be it my lack of sleep, the altitude difference compared to my Southern home or the lineup of artists I have loved for ages, the last day of NWTF was one of the most special musical experiences of my life. I actually have to write in first-person for once. Beginning

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End Theory Records/Parasitic Records are getting ready to co-release A Monument to the Abyss of Death, the punishing new split from ENCOFFINATION and SEMPITERNAL DUSK. These bands give us 30 minutes of absolute harrowing sonic torture in the most satisfying way. We’re excited to be able to share the full split with

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SLEEP is a band many of us have had the opportunity of seeing live multiple times. It seems like these guys are always touring, and it’s not unheard of to see them live multiple times in one year. But I ask you – is there such a thing as too

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Death Fortress is back with another superb full-length album entitled Triumph of the Undying.  Whatever undead species they refer to is not the only entity worthy of such triumph.  You, dear listener, should feel the same way after getting a copy of this album. We at CVLT Nation have always

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If you need evidence of the racket that is the Church, look no further than Colon Cemetery in Havana, Cuba. As per the European tradition of rented cemetery space, at the Colon Cemetery there was an annual fee for having your bones stay under the earth. If your descendants couldn’t

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NORNAHETTA are unique among their no-less-distinguished contemporaries for their challenging, largely-improvised aesthetic. Hand in hand with such an aesthetic is a strive for the outer reaches of the subconscious through psychedelic means, and that’s exactly what the aptly-fucking-titled Synesthetic Parcidolia accomplishes. Unremittingly ugly, restlessly roiling, and yet somehow imbued with preternatural

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Modified Ghost Festival II May 25-28, Vancouver, BC Hosted by the Red Room Ultra Bar and The Rickshaw Theatre It’s beyond satisfying to admit that this was – without a doubt – a triumph. To see an event as ambitious as this succeed against the odds is a testament to what can

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The band formerly known as Rape Blossoms, PUBLIC PSYCHE, is getting ready to release a new album this September 30th via Hypertension Records entitled No New Violence. Today we’re very happy to share the first single off this upcoming album, “Veil.” Pre-orders will be announced in early September…you’ve got two

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