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On October 6, 1966 (aka ‘The Day of the Beast’ in psychedelic circles), California banned the possession of LSD. Two years later the law went nationwide. Mark McCloud did as anyone of vision might: he began buying loads of blotters, sheets of paper infused with LSD, for consumption. Eventually his

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So straight up without apology, I hate cops with a passion!!! That being said, I am a fan of the Texas punk band The COPS because these motherfuckers jam. Every song on their new LP First Offense is a freaking anthem and will have you getting your punk freak out

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DISEMBOWEL’s new record is an unrelenting storm of decaying riffs set over the top of raging primitive death blows!!! I will not front I fucking love how putrified this band can get but it’s when they show their morbid melodic side is when I say unholy fuck this band can

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THIS IS SO FUCKING INSANE FORESEEN wrecked shop in Moscow last month and here is the raging footage to prove it! Not only does the band totally bring the pain  but the crowd goes totally ape shit which is awesome to watch. I know for a fact the next time FORESEEN comes

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Doomscapes, Soundscapes, Dronescapes and vast amounts of slow moving time are the thoughts that come to my mind as I watch the new [ B O L T ] video for their song [ 1 3 ] . Over the course of 21 minutes the director Florian Scheil gives us a visual view for

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Kurt Ballou is an American musician and producer based in Massachusetts, best known as the guitarist for the band Converge and for his prolific recording and production work at his own GodCity Studio. Two weeks ago I called him when he was on tour with Converge on the West Coast.

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Vancouver’s EMPRESS are a recently formed stoner/sludge trio who are getting ready to release their first LP on February 12th – the heavy, fuzzy and unrelenting Reminiscence. Hit play on this release and you won’t be able to stop your head from banging and your ears from buzzing as their

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RITUAL VEIL Rules, RITUAL VEIL is the Shit and RITUAL VEIL creates some of the raddest Post Punk sounds coming out of the North West. I got a chance to catch this band live and it was one huge dance party. I’m so happy to see that they have a

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