Parallel Hells!<br/>GEHENNA & INTEGRITY<br/> 7′ Split Review<br/> by August 23, 2012 1 comment

So what happens when GEHENNA links up with INTEGRITY for a split that’s out now via Holy Terror? I will tell you what happens: it’s all out audio murder against the weak of heart! From the GEHENNA song titles alone – “Parallel Hells” & “Amphetimine Psychosis” – you know that this band wants to cut the tongues out of the false prophets’ mouths. It’s fucking awesome the way the band uses dirgey feedback to set the tone of destruction that they are about to unleash upon you. On both tunes, GEHENNA is able to blend the cold cold nordic winds of black metal with the cyco sleaze of hardcore to perfection! What I’m really impressed with is the interaction between the vocals and the pungent riffs. When you reach the end of “Amphetimine Psychosis” you realize that you don’t want this ride of terror to end! Then this insanely emotional killer riff kicks in for the INTEGRITY song, before it takes you off in another gnarly direction. It’s the fucking guitar playing on “I Know VVhere Everyone Lives” that keeps you pushing the repeat button. The balance between Dwid’s vocal delivery and the rest of the music is on point. What you realize when you hear the INTEGRITY song is that this band has many different influences and are not afraid of allowing them to organically become a part of what they create. This is why I dig this song so much – because of the different dimensions of musical inspiration that are alive in this song. Actually, when I listen to this 7″ it inspires me to do what I have to do in my daily grind.

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7′ Split Review

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3 years 8 months ago

Those Gehenna tracks are sick! Thanks for giving me something to listen to.