Perpetual Flood

I just can’t stop listening to Perpetual Ritual from Seattle, who has a tape out now entitled Perpetual Flood via Living Tapes. The total package is 8 songs that make your internal ghosts waltz around your thoughts in bliss. This dude knows how to weave psychedelic pop into the sinister fabric that clothes your nightmares in sunlight! From the very first song, “Hidden from The Sun,” until the last song, “Gun In My Face,” I hold on to the hands of the feedback spirits and don’t let go! Perpetual Ritual plays these riffs that are highly addictive, and can cause you to play his songs on repeat. The lyrics you experience on Perpetual Flood are tainted in pain and sorrow, but always feel uplifting! I guess I would call Perpetual Ritual the perfect soundtrack for a sunny depressing day. He also knows how to create a sense of drama in his compositions without ever sounding contrived. I don’t care what kind of music you are into when you blast “Every Word We Speak In Tongues,” you will be under his perpetual spell. I get chills when the eerie vibe kicks in on “Blood Mary,” and the tone that the chorus is sung in makes me want look into the eyes of my lost shadows. The real magic that holds this project is the voice of Perpetual Ritual. Check out the full stream of Perpetual Flood below, and peep the sick video for “Night Worship”Directed by Emily Denton after the jump! Now I guess I’m on my way to join the perpetual cvlt?

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