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You really have to live under a whole truckload of rocks if you haven’t noticed that Richmond’s PIG DESTROYER have unleashed a new full-length record. Book Burner was without a doubt one of the most anticipated extreme metal records this year – and the four years prior to that, because it was as far back as 2007 when the contentious Phantom Limb saw the light of day. It seems to be really astonishing that a band that tours only very rarely (if at all), releases records totally outside of any fancy business-plans and plays music the biggest parts of humanity would describe as noise can be as successful as PIG DESTROYER is. But considering the staggering technical quality of the music and the most interesting lyrical content, it’s not that surprising anymore – quality prevails, also in the uncomfortable depths of metal.

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PIG DESTROYER turned back onto Terrifyer‘s attributes, which shows best in the length of the songs: Only four out of the 19 outbursts clock-in at over three minutes, most of the material rages, stops, breaks and turns all at once in less than 120 seconds per track. The trademarking complexity hidden beneath Hull’s breathtaking riffage is there of course – and better than ever before. Hayes vocal performance (with guest appearances by Richard Johnson and Kat Katz of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame) is as violent and gruesome as ever.

Adam Jarvis of Misery Index is proving blatantly obvious that he is just the right choice as replacement for PIG DESTROYER‘s long time drummer Brian Harvey. Brutally fast, tight and unbelievably versatile Jarvis pushes the songs forward and leaves you not a single second to catch a breath.

Without a doubt Book Burner will pop up in almost every “best of 2012” list, and rightly so. And even though many people might still prefer Prowler and Terrifyer, Book Burner for damn sure is one of this year’s “must have heard” records and surely no let-down in PIG DESTROYER‘s exceptional discography.


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