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KIDULT Visual Dictatorship
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Love him or fucking hate him, at least French graffiti artist KIDULT has his spray can to the necks of multinational corporations. From what I can see, he is trying to use art as a weapon for change, and holding up a mirror of misery for the luxury brands to look into. KIDULT shows how these high end brands are ripping off graffiti, taking from a street culture that they really do not have any love for. What’s interesting about his new film Visual Dicatorship is that he is willing to take his mission of vandalism and rebellion global. So after the jump, check out how KIDULT defaces shit!

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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Wizard Aura

    “All that was once directly lived has become mere representation,” was once written by another French dude.

    I hope Kudult realizes that Marc Jacobs schooled him in his own video.

  • mattc

    That’s enough damage to get someone locked up for a long fucking time. Respect!!!

  • wow

    I laughed through this whole video. Pretentious.