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FALSE is a brand my husband has been telling me about for a while, but unfortunately I didn’t get around to checking them out until recently. I say unfortunately, because they have so many dope accessories on their site that are now sold out! However, it gives me hope that this Singapore-based couple, Le Messie and Amanda, will be putting up more of their hand-made, hand-silkscreened shoes and accessories again soon. They actually run a company/webstore called Anti-Anti (they are all about Anarchy), which houses FALSE as well as their other lines – Fallacy Of Rome & Better Off Dead. First of all, I am amazed at how many fashion labels, records labels, and blogs are out there being run by couples; maybe I’m biased, but it’s pretty rad to see how much creativity is coming out of these relationships, especially when people generally assume that couples can’t work together. But also, I am just really stoked on the product that FALSE is putting out, and they hand make 90% of it in-house in Singapore. They literally silkscreen all their tees, stud and sew their deerskin cuffs and wallets, and reconstruct their Converse. And the finished product is beautiful! As someone who likes to hand-make shit, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain consistency, but their quality is really impressive. Check out some of my favorite pieces after the jump…

The first thing that caught my eye was these epic reworked Converse! They reconstructed and hand-sewed these out of deerskin and canvas and then hand-studded them. Priceless. And sold out. Please make more!!!!

And then there are the cuffs, again all done by hand. I love the stitching detail on the edges, and the little leather tail. Plus, like the shoes, they use the English 77 cone studs, which in my opinion are the most legit.

They also hand-make these little wallets that can clip on to your belt loops, which is perfect for me because unlike many women I don’t carry a purse. They get in the way. So this little guy can carry whatever I need and just hang out where I don’t have to worry about it. It works for dudes too! I think it was actually made for dudes, but whatever, I’m into it.

I am also digging some of their tees, and the fact that they do their own silkscreening just makes them better. You can tell when someone has put time and love into a garment. I found one of my favorite graphics in the FALSE VAULT, called Dead Robe Walking:

My other favorite was a part of a collaboration they did with Japanese Cartoon. It’s called Gasp.

I am begging Le Messie and Amanda to make more of their studded accessories…I feel dumb that somehow I missed out on all of them, please make me feel better and make some more!

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