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Our homie Gia at Unearthen Jewelry is, in my opinion, the originator of the bullet crystal necklace, which has subsequently been copied by many. While her jewelry doesn’t have the dark vibe of the lines that I usually cover, her pieces can fit well into any metal girl’s wardrobe. She creates one of a kind pieces using earthy, rough crystals, and her presentation is as original as her jewelry. My favorite pieces above all are her vintage watches with quartz pyramid faces – the quartz is chunky and just out from the face of the delicate and carefully chosen vintage watches, and you can still tell the time by looking through one of the prismatic sides of the crystal. She also makes beautiful prism rings, where the crystals sit nestled on either side of your finger. Her OG pieces, the bullet pendants, feature roughly hewn crystal shards embedded in empty shell casings, some real and some cast, and create a contrast between the raw materials created by the Earth, and what human beings make of them. I have seen her workroom with my own eyes, and I know that she creates her pieces meticulously by hand.
Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from her shop

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3 years 8 days ago

Hi Melanie, Unearthen has a web shop on her site, you can buy most of her stuff there.

3 years 11 days ago

How can I order some jewelery?