Premiere Streaming: CIORAN’s Bestiale Battito Divino

Is there any stopping CALIGARI? The answer is HELL FUCKING NO!!! One of their first releases of 2017 is CIORAN’s Bestiale Battito Divino and it’s a fucking RAGER!!! This tape is a non-stop party that is full of awesome chaos from the beginning to the end! Fuck writing a whole bunch of words right now, I’m going to allow the music to scream for itself because we are streaming  CIORAN’s Bestiale Battito Divino in full below and you can pre-order the tape HERE!

The nature of a creature stuck halfway between bestial and divine ,carrying inside these two poles and leaning toward one direction or the other. The coexistence of submission to animal instinct and the seek of something higher than mere reality. A walking paradox that uses eternal inner conflict as an engine, like a star uses nucleosynthesis to explode and shine; Oscillating and writhing to domine and break this duality.


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Sean Reveron

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Excellent from start to finish!