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Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, PROXY are a new band featuring members of Inepsy and Truncheons. To describe their sound think stahlhelm helmets, Motörhead, Coitus, Charged GBH, Panzer tanks going to war and filthy ratbikes! No poser punk here this is dirty aggressive fuck off punk. Tough grating guitar, hoarse vocals, catchy bass and bashed out drums.

What is it with Montréal anymore, there seems to be just shit loads of punks. From the infamous Exploited gig riot to the cooperative run punk club Katacombes, something for everyone hey! PROXY’s demo is available now. 200 cassette copies, or download it here.


09-downtown drunk tank
Proxy – Downtown drunk tank

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2 years 10 months ago

this is like the worst hip hop band ever…