PURE FILTH!!! <br/>CVLT Nation Streaming: <br/>Ancient Altar “Tidal”

CVLT Nation Streaming:
Ancient Altar “Tidal”

by June 17, 2014 1 comment

Get Filthy, Get Heavy, Get Fucked, Get Doomed…now blast the sounds of Ancient Altar! These new L.A. merchants of down-tuned radness have a new self-titled tape coming out on Midnite Collective, and from what I can hear, this shit is a Doomadelic Missile aimed at the sun! CVLT Nation would like to share with you Ancient Altar’s new visual for “Tidal” below…For all of your heavy music needs, head over to the Midnite Collective webstore, plus pre-order the Ancient Altar’s tape HERE!


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1 Comment on "PURE FILTH!!!
CVLT Nation Streaming:
Ancient Altar “Tidal”"

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1 year 7 months ago

Off the “Richter” Scale!!!