Teitanblood’s Purging Tongues is a fifteen minute long chaos ritual,capturing a foreboding, occult atmosphere like no other. Opening witha Spanish spoken word introduction consisting of a reading from Revelations, buttressed by chaotic organ and the sound of distant thunder, it swiftly descends into a cosmically heavy death metal riff while possessed screams build in the background, battling the spoken word before the entire thing caves in. Committed to the assault, NSK’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with. Somewhere between a guttural death metal growl, and a high pitched black metal shriek, he provides a sonic core to the madness of the rest of the track. Spoken word interludes provide the listener a trance to recover, yet they build a tidal tension as you await the next wall of death.

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The most impressive aspect of Purging Tongues is that at fifteen minutes, you would assume a dirgier, doomier sound. Instead you get pure chaos in the vein of Deathspell Omega. The inhuman drumming of J plays perfectly with NSK’s precision, high speed riffing; it’s mind boggling that a two piece can produce something this massive sounding.

This isn’t three five minute songs wrapped into one—it is a solid movement of utter insanity. The production retains a sheen of grime, yet never digs too lo-fi that you have trouble distinguishing what’s going on—which there is a hell of a lot of.

Regardless of the economics of this record, it is an absolute must listen for any fan of chaotic death and black metal. Available via the Ajna Offensive, Purging Tongues is a beautifully packaged 12” with etching on the b-side. After listening to Purging Tongues, one can only imagine the terror that will be released on a full length.

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