RAW & UNCUT Metal! Premiere Streaming MALLEUS’s ‘Storm of Witchcraft’

Almost a year ago, I found this MALLEUS tape and went totally ape shit for them, stating:

Fuck the dumb shit – sometimes you just need RAW & UNCUT Metal that makes you want to head bang until the Grim Reaper comes to take you away! MALLEUS is a band from Boston who has created one of the raddest, most riffadelic collections of songs this year, and their insanely awesome tape is called Storm of Witchcraft. I really don’t care what genre of metal you are into, game recognize game – this band rocks harder than WWIII. Every fucking second of this tape makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention because of all of the urgency that this band packs into every note! MALLEUS’ vocals are as putrid as zombies’ blood, maybe this is why I can’t get enough. This is one of those bands that will make you say, why have I not heard of them sooner? The cover art for Storm of Witchcraft is perfect, and sums up what you are about to hear. Stay tuned for our full review – I just wanted to put this band on your radar so you can become a MALLEUS fiend like I am. That being said, I fucking hope someone somewhere reading this decides to release this KICK FUCKING ASS RECORD on vinyl!

So, Blood Harvest heard my words, and are releasing MALLEUS’s Storm of Witchcraft on CD/LP/TAPE this Friday. You can pre-order this sonic beast HERE!





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Hutch Thirteen
Hutch Thirteen

been loving this LP – so good. Steps away enough from d-beat to not sound like others and and infuses killer metal. a new classic