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The world is about to be a better place, because an extra epic book is coming out real soon about the Southern California 80′s Hardcore scene. The two creators of the underground fanzine We Got Power, Dave Markey & Jordan Schwartz, are putting out a book of the same name via Bazillion Points Publishing in the near future – PRE-ORDER HERE! Both of these weirdos were fixtures of the SoCal hardcore community, but they were always on their own planets of creativity. They never waited for anyone to give them anything; if they wanted something done, they made it happen! Dave Markey wanted to start a band, Sin 34 was born; and then he wanted to make film, so he made The Slog Movie, and many more followed, including 1991: The Year Punk Broke and more (I won’t mention all of the videos he directed for Sonic Youth). Then there is Jordan Schwartz, the man with the plan, and an all around cool dude. For everyone reading this that was around back in the day, Mr. Schwartz was the mastermind behind those very rare Black Flag decks. More than anything, Jordan was my friend who I learned from through his actions, plus we bonded over our love for skateboarding! Together these two humans are We Got Power, and trust me when I say this book is a radical piece of Hardcore history. Check out some of the kick-ass pictures that will be in the book after the jump. Make sure to stay tuned to CVLT Nation to hear about their upcoming opening reception on Sept. 8th, 6pm – 11pm @ the 16 Track Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, with live performances by the ADOLESCENTS, SACCHARINE TRUST, The LAST and White Flag…Now get some power and peep some flicks after the jump!

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