QUIET AS DEATH: A REVIEW OF RED APOLLO by January 5, 2012 0 comments

Just like a lot of bands RED APOLLO started as a sideproject. And sometimes sideprojects are more interesting than the participant’s main bands, probably due to the fact that the members do not feel like needing to fulfill certain expectations concerning their music and thus are able to act more freely. Which sometimes results in something amazing. Just check the track Häxanhammer, full review after the jump!

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Anyway, I’m surely not saying that the other bands of RED APOLLO‘s members suck, but I’m definetely saying that RED APOLLO is some damn gnarly band from the Ruhr area in Germany. And considering the fact that Quiet as Death is basically their first output I am very curious about what to expect from these lads in the future. 

The backbone of RED APOLLO is (Post-)Hardcore – the epic, slow, dirgy and heavy one. It’s impossible not to think of Neurosis while listening to those four songs; arguably an important influence for these guys. 

Tiny bits of synths, ridiculously huge riffs, deep, terrific and mighty vocals and desperately haunting melodies are greatly woven into another, creating a very sinister, dark athmosphere. Listening to this feels like wandering above the mountains and the seas at night, feeling the might of nature and the blankness of human existence.

Quiet as Death offers four songs, two of them being more like interludes, which is totally fine since this is supposed to be an EP and all in all this is something very self-contained. Oh and the production is really amazing. 

So there’s absolutely nothing negative to state about this. If you’re a fan of bands like Neurosis, Amen Ra, Isis and so forth there’s not a single reason not to give RED APOLLO a chance. You probably won’t regret it.