Reek of Putrefaction…
CARCASS Live 1988
Streaming & Download

Do I really have to write a lot? Hell fucking NO. You guys recognize classic gnarly material, and here you have CARCASS live in 1988. This was recorded during their Reek of Putrefaction era, so you know it’s fucking SICK! Check the streaming & downloading link below plus BANG YOUR FUCKING HEAD…KILLER SOUND QUALITY.

Streaming Link:
[audio: Nation CARCASS Live1988.mp3|titles=CARCASS Live1988]

Download Link HERE!

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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Track listing?

  • It seems that is the show on Planet-X (Liverpool 14-05-1988).

  • Dom

    Agree with above comment.

  • What an amazing piece of history. Where did this recording come from? And do you know the date and place where the performance occurred?