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CASQUE Review + Stream

Come follow me deep into the the underworld, as I blast CASQUE and fucking behead everything that represents the pope and his twisted brethren! This Indianapolis hordes’s EP, Devour the Lion, is is one of the unsung releases of this year. All four songs are dark tortured anthems that will get your blood boiling over for sure! CASQUE’s vocalist has a diseased delivery that will eat away at your flesh while getting you pumped at the same time. Musically, this band takes black metal and injects it with a chaotic dose of punk that keeps me wanting to hear more. CASQUE create black holes of subversive melody that suck you in. If you do not believe me, just press play on “Heroin Dreams,” and turn this rancid jam up to ten! Is there a boring moment on Devour the Lion? Hell fucking no! There must be something in the water in Indianapolis, because so many of my favorite bands come from there. As for CASQUE, it would be sick if all fellow bloggers reading & listening to this would spread the word about this band like the fucking plague, because they deserve to be heard! I want to hear more from this band, but in the meantime, I will just keep Devour the Lion on repeat, and so can you HERE. Listen to a couple of streams below…Make sure to check them out on Blackened Everything Vol. 8…
[audio: – Devour The Lion – 01 Usurped.mp3|titles=Usurped]
[audio: – Devour The Lion – 02 Heroin Dreams.mp3|titles=Heroin Dreams]

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