ROPE SECT Playlist – Inmesher’s Current Favorite Tracks

ROPE SECT – Inmesher’s Current Favorite Tracks

Little is known about the mastermind behind Rope Sect. We know that he is from Germany and that he may or may not be part of other underground musical projects. An interview could be arranged just to see what’s in his head, but perhaps more insightful would be a look at what may be in Inmesher’s head at the moment. His favorite tracks, what he has been spinning lately, the bands he has been spending time with. Below we can hear some of his favorite songs, with some notes by the man himself:


And Also the Trees – The Beautiful Silence

No introduction needed – brilliant musicians with a huge range of artistic influences


Benoît Pioulard – Margin

American songwriter who manages to create unique soundscapes – minimalist approach with maximum effect


Brandenburg – The Unforgettable Romance

Russian Post-Punk that works perfectly while walking in the fog of urban bleakness


Death Index – Little ‘n’ Pretty

Dirty and cool as hell drive with snotty vocals that make you put on sunglasses at night


Emma Ruth Rundle – Haunted houses

Wonderful songwriting and alternate guitar tunings go hand in hand with a fragile voice and gloomy thoughts – soothing and beautifully dark


Grave Pleasures – Joy Through Death

No further explanations needed either, you should already be under their control if you’re into doomsday rainbows and atomic climaxes – catchy Post-Punk for the end of days


Kvöl – Nothing to Say


Stripped-down Post-Punk from Iceland with fine mellow synthesizers – nothing (more) to say


Pink Turns Blue – Walking on Both Sides

German Wave/Post-Punk veterans with a debut masterpiece in the vein of The Cure – melancholia at its best


Ritual Howls – Zemmoa

Wholeheartedly sombre songs meet memorable vocal harmonies and banging drum machines, crowned with elegant imagery and nightmarish lyrics


Tempers – Hell Hotline

Sexy and pulsating beats for losing yourself in thought, be it in a crowded bar or a black and white daydream


The Chameleons – Paper Tigers

Magical and nostalgic classic…know what I mean


Rope Sect’s Personae Ingratae // Proselytes is out on CD now via Caligari Records. It is available HERE




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I found out Rope Sect last night and I can’t stop listening to it since then. Non stop! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Good to find stuff like this showing his musical taste.

Greetings from Brazil! 🇧🇷