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We all are going to die one day, so when I do, bury me under the huge skies of doom and blast the new album by RORCAL louder than death. This Swiss band has proven with their soon-to-be-released record Világvége’ (which means ‘End of the World’ in Hungarian) that they are not fucking around – they are here to punish the world with brutal monolithic sounds that crush the walls of oppression! Over 8 songs and 44 mintues, RORCAL’s music will take you on a journey through all kinds of dark emotions that will shed light on your depression! It’s an honor that we have been asked to stream Világvége’ by RORCAL in full below…Also, after the jump check out their upcoming tour dates…Pre-order the Vilávége vinyl HERE!
[audio: – VILAGVEGE – I.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – D.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – II.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – V.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – IV.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – VII.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – VI.mp3, – VILAGVEGE – VIII.mp3|titles= ]
RORCAL Vilávége
Release details after the jump!

RORCAL Vilávége

Vinyl edition to be released the 28th of February 2013 through CALOFROR RECORDS (Switzerland), SICKMANGETTINGSICK RECORDS (Germany) and LOST PILGRIMS RECORDS (France). Tape edition to follow on WOLVES AND VIBRANCY RECORDS (Germany).

RORCAL Vilávége

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    Just saying but the correct title is ‘Világvége’