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Ruin Lust Review

Out of all the bands I’ve seen here in New York in recent memory, none were as much of a surprise as Ruin Lust. I was lucky enough to catch them open for Urfaust and snagged their demo which I’ve almost worn out from repeated listenings. Their style of black metal meets death metal, a la Blasphemy and Archgoat, was uncompromising, frightening, and light years ahead of any other band in that same vein. Fast forward to 2013 and here we are, privy to one of the best releases this year.

The eponymous full length debut features everything I could have wanted and more as the band has moved into an aggressive onslaught of Incantation like death metal hybridized with a fresh Blasphemy approach and an astonishing production that highlights the stab and kick of each instrument. Totaling four tracks, the last split into two sections (okay, so five), Ruin Lust is a non-stop buzz saw of primal grunts, crunchy and heavy guitars and relentless drums that border on inhuman amounts of force.


Opening without anything held back, “Obedience” starts Ruin Lust the way a torturer might start their trade; with a hammer to the face. Low primordial grunts, whipping guitars and thundering drums set the mark high as the band never looks back from this level of energy. The sound of Ruin Lust is rough and upfront, yet there’s so much meat to each sound and nothing’s lost. The bass is a sickening slop that rides just below the dirty and hazy guitar and the drums are so well covered that the lower pitched hits have heft, yet aren’t muddled or lacking in attack. “Tethered and Lashed” shows this perfectly as the band transitions from an awesome mid-paced double bass drum groove to blasts and quarter note stomps.

As you could surmise, the band’s force and momentum are my favorite parts and a key component of that are the various vocals. Low grunts, throaty glass gargling mid-ranged rasps and higher registry screams create a great smattering of vocal attacks and an edge to the band’s sound. “Skin Hunger” shows off the band’s slower side and gives the guitar the room it deserves as it unwinds atop the pensive drums until they both explode for the second half of the song in a torrent. Transitions like that are where the band’s best, dictating tempo and momentum with an cudgel.

For those who have been lucky enough to hear previous efforts, picture the band’s demo more focused, heavier, and a bit more dynamic in terms of guitar work (more riffs!). For those ready for their first time, if you’ve ever said “I like death metal” or “I like heavy music” then you should love this album. It’s got a bit of old school charm, with enough of a modern production job, and various influences that keep it memorable and overwhelming. Easily one of my favorites of the year, Ruin Lust don’t disappoint with their malicious brand of blackened death metal.


Pick it up over at Psychic Violence’s webstore amidst some other goodies (Ash Borer anyone?)

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