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Photographer: Carrie Whitney
Site: FB
Based in: Brooklyn, NY


Botch, 12.27.97 RCKNDY Seattle, WA
ENERGY. These guys were always exploding with it. When I listen to Botch this is exactly what I picture. There is so much time between then and now, I’m not sure if this picture looks like how they sound or they sound how this picture looks. Either way, I’m glad I was there to shoot it. Botch opened for Undertow’s reunion show this night. All the bands that played that night (See 6 Murder City Devils) inspired me to move back to Seattle in 1998.


Regents, 10.8.11 The Acheron Brooklyn, NY
POWER. Regents are a force to be reckoned with. With drum set right in your face, the sheer force Jason Hamacher beats those drums with will blow you away. There is nothing like experiencing Regents play live. I think this picture is the closest any description can come. I had seen them the night before in New Jersey and they used someone else’s equipment, the second night at the Acheron when they played with their own stuff, my jaw dropped. I knew they played with such power that this set up was the right the way see such a powerful band.


Devotion, 9.9.11 The Acheron Brooklyn, NY
BREATH. When giving it your all, there is time to breath and contemplate your next move. Devotion is an amazing live band and I like this picture because it accomplishes what they do live. It draws you in and you want to go along for the ride. I just love everything about his body language in this picture, I knew the second I snapped this one, that it was the one!


Ink and Dagger, 5.20.96 The Velvet Elvis Seattle, WA
DEVOTION. This picture was taken the very first time I saw Ink and Dagger. It will forever be how I remember Sean McCabe, who passed away in the summer of 2000. From the first note they played, I was in love with them. I had to remind myself to take pictures because I was in awe. Dressed in black with that sweaty smeared make up white face – Sean, as were all the Daggers, was devoted to his music and art, you can see it written all over his face. They really did something different with hardcore and kids LOVED it! If only he was a real vampire he would still be with us today. Rest in peace Sean!


Argonauts, 10.7.11 Basement in New Brunswick, NJ
MAGIC. This band is playing in a basement I swear. Argonauts should be on a huge stage with crazy lights, and they turned this basement into that. I love this picture because it’s pure chaos. They really took the experience of a small show and exploded it. Watching them play will make your eyes glaze over in pure wonderment like seeing something completely unbelievable (a yeti or the kracken). Pure magic!


Murder City Devils, 12.27.97 RCKNDY Seattle, WA
SWAGGER. As haphazard as Murder City always appeared to be, taking pictures of them was all about timing. If you’ve ever seen them live, you know they light something on fire, even if it’s just your ass. There are always silly antics and usually someone gets jumped on or just falls over. This band had lots of swagger and style; this photo captures all of that in one click. I was beyond excited while watching them at this show, they opened for Undertow (reunion) and I had come to Seattle from Kansas City where I was living at the time. There was so much going on I was taking a picture every ten seconds it seemed. I developed 4 rolls of film from this show. That’s when I discovered this lovely picture. I’ve kept it in my back pocket for nearly 15 years. I wanted it for my zine, but it didn’t translate into black and white very well. So I held on to it, till now. I love this picture and this is my picture perfect memory of the Murder City Devils.


All Pigs Must Die, 11.4.11 Saint Vitus Brooklyn, NY
FUCK YEAH! This was a free surprise show at Saint Vitus. Pigs were excited to play, the place was packed, the crowd was stoked. When they started to play, it was on, everybody in the room was like “FUCK YEAH” lets have fun! And that is exactly what happened, the sound was amazing, they played tight, everyone had a great time. I had only seen them once before in New London, but there was just something about this night in Brooklyn. This free show is up there with some of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I think I went home saying “FUCK YEAH”, so glad I was there to document it.

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