Seven Stories…Tanner Douglass

Photographer: Tanner Douglass
Site: Facebook
Based in: PA

All these photos are all from the Heartless/Full Of Hell full US Tour…


Somewhere on the highway in Louisiana
We were on our way to the singer of Thou’s house, and we get on the highway and see all this smoke in the distance, but did not think anything of it. As we got closer and closer, the smoke got darker and we saw a car engulfed in flames. It was like we were driving past a movie set or something, we could hear the tires exploding. I read on the news that some car hit them from behind, and sent them flying into the median and they wrapped around the pole. It was a hit and run.


11-27-11 Pittsburgh, PA, Roboto Project
This was the tour kick off show, and it was just awesome to have all our friends in one place. A good way to start off the tour!


Full Of Hell
11-28-11 Columbus, OH, Carabar
Sing along with Full Of Hell! It was so much fun seeing this band perform every night and to hang out with these guys for a month. So much energy and fun to watch, and they toured their asses off! The venue was a bar-type place, but had free popcorn and some good ass vegan chili. Ton of people showed up and went crazy for both bands.


I forget where this happened, but one of our tires in the front started to have some pretty bad wear in it, so we decided to put the spare on. We took it to a shop and had them put air in the spare, and within 15 minutes of us driving it the tire basically fell apart.


11-30-11 Milwaukee, WI, Scheme City
The only thing I remember about this night was that it was freezing. The show ruled, it was in this house, and house shows always rule. Super packed, people were really into it. Another thing I remember was Adam jumping or turning around and knocking over the PA speaker and spilling beer everywhere.


Full Of Hell
12-13-11 Fort Worth, TX, 1919 Hemphill
I wasnt going to take photos this night, but when Full Of Hell started to play and I saw this guy with the ski mask on, I could not pass up that opportunity. The guy who booked the show told us that he comes to every show they have there and just acts crazy. What you see in the photo he did for pretty much every band that night, with the ski mask on.


Somewhere in Texas
This is probably the best pic I took on this tour. We still have no idea how the window broke, but we think it was either from all the pressure and the window could not handle it and just broke, or we hit a bump and things got shifted around and hit the window. I was up front with Adam, and I heard a noise from the back but I didnt think anything of it, and then I heard Cory scream pull over, and I turn around and saw the window look like a spider web, with glass everywhere. Some guy was nice enough to give us some tape and cardboard to fix up the big hole.

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