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I used to be a fiend for Thrasher Magazine when it first came out! Not just for all of the sick skating that was featured in a way that appealed to young punks, but also for the off the wall ads. One person that changed the way skate ads looked long before Thrasher was Tony Alva. Besides being one of the raddest skaters ever, he was a wizard at bringing the artistic vibe to the way he marketed Alva Skates. For instance, his first ad with Christian Hosoi, that featured his broken Sims deck in the background and his new fishtail up front (the rest was skating history). Next up was Natas, the king of 80’s street skating, but also the vision behind Santa Monica Airlines. Focusing on these ads might seem weird to kids nowadays, but all of the old heads reading this will understand how much impact this magazine had on our lives. This is also the place where a kid pre-internet could get their first look at the new Misfits or Black Flag decks. I could write more, but fuck that, why don’t you check out some vintage 80’s skate ads for yourself. So after the jump, peep our FUCK YEAH 80’S SKATE ADS gallery!…Lets rip it up!!!

Shout out to Them Thangs

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3 years 3 months ago

So good.

3 years 3 months ago

love it when you put skating content on the site.