Skulls of Steel<br/>Dental Phantoms<br/> by December 12, 2012 0 comments

The dentist’s chair is a frequent, and well deserved, subject of the horror genre. A couple of months ago, I had a mutant molar brutally ripped from my mouth by a very disinterested dentist. Despite a mouth full of Novocaine, it was terrifying – violent yanking that threw my head from side to side, despite the heavy hand anchoring my skull to the chair; drilling that I could feel in my brain cavity, followed by profuse and seemingly neverending bleeding from the empty socket. It was akin to torture, and despite my numbness at the time, I feel now that I have a better understanding of torture techniques. But everything that was done to me was by the book, taught in dentistry schools across the globe. The real victims in all this are the dental phantoms – mannequin heads filled with teeth that are drilled, filled and yanked by dentistry students, over and over again for decades. I’ve put together a gallery of these exceedingly creepy cyborgs, some antique, some new, that you can feast on after the jump.

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