SLEEP vs. ELECTRIC WIZARD Vintage Full Sets!

We want to share with two stonerdelic full sets from SLEEP and ELECTRIC WIZARD! As most of you know, we love our green leaf over here at CVLT Nation. Spark it up, Light it up and Toke it!


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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Sleep is cool, but definitely electric wizard. Aside from time to die, i still semi regularly listen to most of their albums. I have to be in the mood to listen to sleep on the other hand.

  • Ummm both

  • The wizyyyyyaaaard

  • The wizard 🤘

  • Carlè

  • Which kid do you love more?

  • Sleep was better live, but Electric Wizard enjoys a decided edge on record simply because they’re released far more of them. Holy Mountain and Dopesmoker hold their own with Dopethrone and Come My Fantatics though… I could never choose between them. Fortunately, no one has to!

  • Stonephie’s Choice!

  • Why not both? 🙃

  • Man. My 2 favorites of the genre.

  • SLEEP!

  • Orange Goblin

  • Sleep, by a mile.

  • essentially, God or Satan?

  • Both are distinctly bad ass and equally relevant to the world of music!

  • sleep

  • why not both

  • E.W. and High On Fire over Sleep.

  • Electric Wizard for me

  • RustyPiton

    RIP Double Door.

  • Deep Purple

  • Sleep

  • Electric Wizard. Yawn, I mean sleep is just boring.

  • Electric Wizard

  • I don’t think the bands are all that comparable. They’re both crucial to the development of stoner doom but to me they represent different things entirely. Sleep has never tried to be dark or grim in a heavy handed way like Electric Wizard. Not that electric wizard is worse for that by any means.

    • NEEEEERRRRRRRRDDDDDD also Electric Wizard > Shleep yadigg

    • Exactly, to me Sleep (especially as they slowly progress) is representative of the ultra-slow, ultra-heavy, bass driven almost trance like aspects of stoner/doom. Their hypnotic repetitive sound paired with almost spiritually Abrahamic influenced lyrics sets them apart.

      Electric Wizard, to me, is more of a direct descendant of the dark, blues rock oriented work of Sabbath. Both have influenced countless other bands in different ways and both have been crucial in the formation of the genre.

    • Geoffrey Neal unfollowed

    • Took this long huh?

    • Geoffrey Neal LOL

  • Augusto Punk Pachmann, Juan Francisco Bertona

  • Yes ?
    Now where is the new EW album ?

  • Hey that’s my Electric Wizard video on YouTube you’re using, cool, thanks!

  • I love Sleep, but I gotta go with The Wizard.

  • It’s like asking if I prefer my hands or my feet.

    They both have their own merits and have influenced the genre in different ways. I refuse to choose.

  • Vamos de TRETAS, Miguel Lopes

  • E. Wizard 😈

  • Sleep….always find them live

  • Electric wizard. Sleep have just been playing different versions of lord of this world or dopesmoker their whole career

    • i love sleep but damn thats true lol

    • I love em too but it is what it is (i actually stopped caring about new tunes from them when i heard the clarity because that song, to me, is just continuing dopesmoker and i was like meh, i’ll just listen to dopesmoker)

    • I also tend to only listen to dopesmoker on 45, its a lot better in my opinion. The drums sound awesome.

    • That make Sense.
      Woody man, sad Button true

    • And Electric Wizard have been doing the same shit for several albums now.

    • True, i actually stopped paying attention to them a few years ago. Every new album i’ll hear a track say “that sounds just like *insert previous wizard song*” to myself and that will be that

  • Both are fucking boring

  • They both have different qualities that are awesome. It’s impossible to choose.

  • Please, don’t make me choose.

  • Wizard

  • Electric Wizard 🌌

  • Electric Wizard. Sleep sounds way too much like master of reality sabbath era

    • How is that a bad thing tho

    • Cause they’re blatantly ripping off sabbath, at least be a lil original.

  • Sleep.. EW is sooo overrated

  • Sleep, without doubt

  • Sleep

  • Based in those sets, definitely Electric Wizard. In day to day life, still Electric Wizard. Dopesmoker however…..

  • Wizard

  • Love it 💕

  • The Wizard of course!

  • Classic line-up Wizard > Most bands

  • 🤘The Wizard 🤘

  • Electric wizard all day. Way better riffs. More of a solid career.

  • Chris Warde

  • BOTH.

  • Yes.

  • Dan Spillman