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SMOHALLA and OMEGA CENTAURI are two bands playing their very own style of avantgardistic Black Metal that has the ability to subvert one’s listening habits very easily. To get the impression, check out the exclusive stream here on CVLT Nation.

SMOHALLA is a project from France, a country that had and has some of the most innovative Black Metal to offer – and SMOHALLA is no exception. Their contribution to this split with OMEGA CENTAURI is exuberant with technical riffs, highly progressive song-structures and an arc of suspense that has more in common with cold, harsh arrangements of new music than Metal. If you’re now thinking of Deathspell Omega you’re not completely wrong, but not completely right either. Although there are similarities, especially when it comes down to the compositional side of things, SMOHALLA add massive, symphonical layers that strongly extend the overly powerful, dramatic feeling of these four songs. But even though SMOHALLA‘s creation is really demanding, it is not exaggeratedly intellectual. The songs have a straight forward drive and in contrary to many other progressive Metal acts, SMOHALLA doesn’t get lost in endless chord progressions and senseless self-adulation. The atmosphere of the songs is in the central focus, resulting in four really outstanding, exciting and absolutely grasping songs.


OMEGA CENTAURI is a European project as well, with its members spread over different countries. In comparison with SMOHALLA, OMEGA CENTAURI‘s version of Black Metal is a tiny bit straighter and rougher, but nonetheless leans heavily towards the progressive side of things: twirling guitar lines drill into your head, really sweeping time signature changes keep up an intense feeling and the deep, growling vocals bring down the inevitable darkness. All avantgardistic aspirations aside, OMEGA CENTAURI prove they have a great sense for catchy melodies as well, like in their track Submission, that is – in my humble opinion – the best of this split.


This split CD was released by the Norwegian Duplicate Records and shall please all fans of Black Metal that’s situated somewhere between Deathspell Omega and Emperor. If progressive, yet belligerent Black Metal is your thing don’t miss this one out.

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