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I am fucking beyond impressed with the new record from WORMWOOD entitled Mooncurse. This band has really grown since their last release, which has made me even more of a fan! On their new offering, the band has been able to shape DOOM into their own sonic valley of despair with their emotional storm clouds overhead raining down unreal somber riffs. When WORMWOOD launches into their breathtaking gusts of melodic dirges, you just can’t help but fly away into their world. CVLT Nation is honored to share with you today their new composition “INFINITE DARKNESS” below…Make sure to head over to Translation Loss Records to catch the Pre-Order – the official release date is Oct.20th.

“This was the first song we wrote as a four piece with the addition of Greg Weeks from The Red Chord on bass and Mike Gowell of Phantom Glue on second guitar. This was where we realized we were turning into a more dynamic band because now we had two more talented dudes who can play AND write adding to the songs. You can hear more guitar interplay going on like harmonies and leads and just more interesting sounds overall. I think you’ll hear even more interplay amongst instruments in the future from Wormwood.”



Artwork by Pedro Oliveira



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