Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. V…
Curated by THOU

CVLT Nation is triple excited to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. V curated by THOU goes live today! This volume is mind-blowing from the stand point of how this band chose to paint a vivid soundscape with their song selection. THOU has expanded what we all thought doom should sound like with release after killer release. Now tune into their volume of Sonic Cathedrals & hear how Louisiana humans kill shit!

“This is a collaborative effort from two of the five heads of Thou (Ryan Funch and Randy Gribbs).  This is music we’re both listening to right now.  Some of it is ugly.  Some of it is beautiful.  Stay hard.”

Track List & Download after the jump

Track List & Download after the jump…

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. V Curated by Thou HERE.

Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. V
curated by Thou
01. Iron Lung – Cancer
02. Aerosols – God is USA’s Terrorist
03. Callers – More Than Right
04. Wipers – Doom Town
05. Celeste – Les Mains BrisÈes Comme Leurs Souvenirs
06. Poison Idea – It’s An Action
07. Dead Prez – Cop Shot
08. True Widow – All You Need
09. Broken Water – Kansas
10. Miles Davis – Nem Um Talvez
11. Bleed – Detox Anthem
12. Anomie – Alienation
13. Greyhouse – Evernearing Joy
14. Elliott Smith – Pictures of Me
15. Cocteau Twins – The Spangle Maker
16. Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
17. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
18. Pacific Division – Pac Div
19. Mos Def – History Town
20. The Templars – Easy Way Out
21. The Smiths – Work is a Four-Letter Word

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Curated by THOU"

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Benjamin Hess

Last one if you got it. I promise to try harder to stay current. Seems like I’m always 2-20 years behind. Thanks CVLT Nation!!

CVLT Nation

Vestiges isn’t happening, but I am getting this one and the Bacchus up for you shortly…