Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CVI
Curated by LYCIA

Today we are happy to give you Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CVI Curated by LYCIA! This eclectic mix of tunes will take you way way back and then fast forward to the present, and back again! Play and download below!

Stream & Download Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CVI Curated by LYCIA

Cover photo: Romina A. Diaz

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CVI Curated by LYCIA Track List

1. Ralph Stanley – O Death
This track is haunting. My family is from West Virginia and I grew up listening to bluegrass music. This man’s voice embodies real emotion in music.

2. Black Mare – Blind One
I just recently discovered Sera Timms’ work and have listened to this obsessively since.

3. Joy Division – 24 hours
Influencing everything.

4. White Lies – E.S.T.
I found this band on Pandora about six months ago and fell in love. Now I listen to them daily.

5. Sailors with Wax Wings – There came a drooping maid with violets
I love this song and this album. Reminds me of dreams.

6. Trance to the Sun – The Nun V.V.
Lycia toured with this band in 1995 and I have been a huge fan ever since. To this day I sing this song as I’m going about my day.

7. Godflesh – Like Rats
Fucking genius. Makes me want to bite things.

8. Willie Nelson – Angel flying too close to the ground
Beautifully sad. Reminds me of childhood.

9. Killing Joke – Requiem
They’re Killing Joke. Big early influence on Lycia. Nothing else needs to be said.

10. Psychedelic Furs – Sister Europe
Another early Lycia influence. The first two albums.

11. Swans – Blood Promise
I could put every single Swans song on this list. I added this one because it’s the one that struck me today.

12. Clan of Xymox – Back Door
Another influence on Lycia. The whole Medusa album is brilliant.

13. Dead Can Dance – A Passage in Time
This band speaks for itself.

14. Fever Ray – If I had a heart
Awesome song. And because I am obsessed with Vikings.

15. Die Antwoord – I fink u freeky
I just like this song. Fuck you.

16. Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
Because it’s Bauhaus

17. Al Bowlly – Midnight, and the stars, and you
The Shining is my favorite movie. This song never leaves my brain.


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