Sonic Cathedrals Vol CVII
Curated by Lesbian

Are you ready for a psychedelic doom trip that will take you on a wild journey for the next 3 hours? Then press play and download below Sonic Cathedrals Vol CVII Curated by Lesbian! This Seattle band has put together a wacked out rad mixtape for your listening pleasure…so spark your Monday spliff and drift away!

Stream & Download Sonic Cathedrals Vol CVII Curated by Lesbian

Sonic Cathedrals Vol CVII Curated by Lesbian Track List

Coroner- Masked Jackyl
The best Progressive metal Band Period. An amazing metal trio, heavy yet intricate with virtuoso guitar solos over multiple rhythm changes. Masked Jackyl has our favorite riffs. This song is never gets old and this band is a huge influence.

Obituary – I’m in pain
It’s hard to discern exactly why, but this is one of the best songs ever. It probably has something to do with that killer drum break. We writing thrashier shit these days and this track certainly is an influence on that. Fucking rules.

Emperor – An Elegy of Icarus
This is one of Emperor’s best songs. Its beginning is almost ballad like and then it’s onto the fast and heavy. Emperor rule and Ishahn is the best at singing while shredding amazing solos.

Agitation Free – We are Men
These guys are one of the lesser known krautrock bands from the early 70’s. Sometimes they sound like Amon Duul II meets Steely Dan and that’s a recipe for awesome.

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Meeting of the Spirits
From Their debut album The Inner Mounting flame. This shit is heavy! To this day it’s an album that is like no other. The 1st song on the album has all the hooks and amazing musicianship. It mixed jazz and rock like nobody else has since. Billy Cobham’s double bass drumming gave it a pre-metal feel and nobody plays like John Mcglaughlin. A must for any musician.

Swarming Hordes – Our Queen, Bring Forth Thine Nectar
This is one of the greatest bands of all time, no bullshit. They are like a sped up instrumental Metalica without any suck. Best live band ever.

Apes of Wrath – Neitzsche Doll
Apes was for us our introduction to Brad Mowen, who sings the Fate shit on Forestelevision. Brad’s a true spirit warrior and master of his art, whether the king, lemmy, punk, or operatic, and everything in between, the man can do it all…and the rest of this band is comprised of local rippers as well. Seeing these dudes live in Olympia back in the day was one of the best things I’ve ever fuckin’ seen. Vocal pedals, jazz/grind drumming, pummeling bass, and fucked up guitar riffing from a true eccentric named ‘Bob’. If you’re a fan of sick shit, this should just speak for itself. Get a piece of Seattle old skool bitches. Dan has plenty copies lying around, I’m sure if you send him a ‘s.a.s.e.’ and 5 bucks he’ll hit the post office asap.

Monster Magnet-Black Mastermind
These guys capture the apathy of grunge in the best way. They don’t give two shits. “Wanna Fuck?” “Wanna Fuck!!?”

Far East Family Band-Nipponjin
We like to crank this one on the way to shows and sing “So Fucking High” to the melody of the chorus. Try it, it’s fun as hell. Plus, this track is almost 40 minutes long and you know that’s how we roll.

Gorguts – Inverted
Gorguts are the fucking KINGS of death metal over here, some of the sickest all-around shit EVER! I’m still considering getting ‘From Wisdom to Hate’ tattooed across my stomach! You can’t fuck with those fucked up guitars and time signatures and torn vocals! The way it flips the beat at times, especially jiving at 2:25, soloing from hell, the torture and grace, so much passion and fluidity! The vocal styling’s of Luc and Steeve are a major influence on what I attempt to convey with my own voice, fuck all the other stupid shit, long live Gorguts, and RIP BIG STEEVE!

Tad – Wood Goblins
It’s TAD! Wood?! Goblins?!! Sign me the fuck up! Tad is an icon of my early youth years in the northwest, and yet Seattle seemed so far away from where I was growing up at the time, even if it was relatively close! Bottom line: TAD is RAD!! Maybe if you’re fuckin’ high as fuck this is some shit you’d see! Wooood! Gobbbbblinzz!! This shit means business the second it kicks in, driving bass, nasty feedback, hallucinatory invocations?! Turn up excessively loud to please your parents immediately!!

Carcass – Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article
This “CUT” off of one Carcass’ finest albums totally grooves, something as a bass player I completely appreciate. I love the rhythmic and harmonic interplay, the soundtrack to cutting up corpses has never been so epic! People sometimes ask how we can remember a 44 minute song; I wanna know how Jeff Walker can have these fucked up big medical dictionary lyrics engrained in his mind?! A bit insane perhaps?! When your fragile life ends, we will be there to eat you! Totally classic!

Into Eternity – Splintered Visions
Some people find these dudes corny, I don’t get it…it’s technically proficient, heavy as fuck, and in my mind unfuckwithable. This album was with me at a particularly darker time in my life, and I can’t help but find this shit melancholic but uplifting and positive at the same time. One thing I love about heavy music, when people ask “how does that blah be de blah shit cheer you up?” I dunno, it just DOES! The opening line..”dedicate the mind…” sets it all up, I feel like these dudes are kindred meditative spirits when it comes to composing blistering and flowing epics.

Harvey Milk- This, to my ears, captures the essence of blues. Dark and strained lyrical content, languished vocals, modal guitar work, all of it. When things get heavy, it is absolutely raw and crushing; and the guitar solo/lead is beyond emotive. This song destroys me every single time. Probably my favorite Harvey Milk song.

Brutal Truth- This band has to be a “perfect band” for their respective style and methods. Need To Control is also a “perfect album” for the genre….which is Brutal Truth’s alone. They inhabit their own realm of grind, mixed with churning dirge, mixed with sleazy 70’s esque BIG rock riffing, all inflected/injected with an experimental/harsh noise flair. One of the best albums of the 90’s for me. Total classic. This song exemplifies why this record is so great. The off the chain drumming of Rich Hoak, brutally concise bass playing of Dan Lilker, meandering, hammering noodling of “Gurn” Mc Carty, and the completely unleashed vokills of Kevin Sharp combine to produce metal magick. Love this record! This song is an obvious standout, and for good reason!

Judas Priest – This record, from the guitar tones to the riffs, vocal delivery…the whole package is classic. But, this being the title track, captures the essence of the record, and this band at this time in their career, perfectly. The lyrical message is deep in its content and Halford’s phrasing can’t be beat. This song exemplifies the heavy, rocking, lyrical nature of 70’s era Priest. Absolutely Impeccable!

Destruction – Rippin’ you off blind
The is one of the best tracks off of one of Destruction’s most awesome albums, which also features the best cover of My Sharona EVER!! The intro is fantastic and groovy so when it kicks in with some serious fuckin’ speed, it creates a good rush of adrenaline that will command your head to bang immediately, a very effective maneuver musically indeed! Also, the guitar solos on this fucker are amazing, especially at the 4:40 mark when it breaks down, I could listen to that line over and over again…which reminds me somewhat of something we might do, a nice un-repeated touch to keep you coming back for more…in addition, a song about gettin’ ripped off, most definitely begs repeats listens, as NOBODY likes when that happens, and it’s good to be reminded of from time to time!

Ahab – Father Sea
Some of the best funeral doom around. They mix clean guitar passages with heavy brooding guitars beautifully. The Vocals are done in a very similar fashion. This is a great song form a sick band.

Morbid Angel – I have friends who regard Formulas Fatal to the Flesh as a musicians record. It rocks, but it’s also fucking weird and highly technical. At times, it can be disorienting. This track stands out because it encapsulates both the bands lyrical mythology, mythos if you will, and also the varied technical mastery they display time and time again. It definitely displays the varied/various, and sometimes subtle, stylistic touch points Morbid Angel employ in their music in that it fucking grinds, but also tickles the ears with its progressive flair. Another thing this song also does is fucking ROCK, especially the slow building reprise towards the end, which, when it breaks into the gallop, can’t help but elicit an appreciative headbang every single time I hear it.

Sleep – This song is a force unto itself…brooding, plodding, and INSANELY heavy. My favorite track from Holy Mountain for sure. It really hammers home the beauty and surface “simplicity” of their seemingly stripped down rock dirge. So much more bubbling under the surface though….let your stoned ears do the work while you check out and have your mind obliterated. Sleep is by far one of our favorite bands EVER, and Matt Pike is definitely a musical hero. His live presentation can sometimes be a bit messy, in a Jimmy Page kind of way, but the guy can shred some fucking riffs. The song, for me, contains the most crushing riffery of the whole record-hands down. There’s space, and then there’s space…..and these guys understand and traverse both.
Yes-Heart of the Sunrise. Yes were composing music in the 70’s that had complex time signatures, strange keys and long winded time frames. We are definitely influenced by this groundbreaking band. They also get major points for wearing bedazzled capes! Heart of the Sunrise is a classic yes song with all the flair that makes them one of the best progressive rock bands ever! Especially the guitar and bass interplay. The artwork by Roger Dean is also a big influence!

High on Fire – Blood from Zion
Pike and Co. at their most pure and raw! The plod and groove of this song are a stoners wet dream come true, turning the corner from Sleep into this up beat banging number is a harbinger of the future of this band! Massive respect, you’ll never hear any of these dudes sayin’ Sabbath wasn’t an influence!

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