Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant

CVLT Nation is excited to present you with Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant going live today! Each of Hierophant’s members selected a few of their all-time favorite songs for a compilation that is heavy with a twist! So tune in below and download after the jump!

We just have chosen these songs because we basically like them. This could be a good reason. Pay more attention to good music. Less talk, more rock!

STREAM Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant:
[audio: Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant.mp3|titles=Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant]


DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant HERE!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol XCIII Curated by Hierophant TRACK LIST:
INTEGRITY – Micha (Those Who Fear Tomorrow, 1991)
NIRVANA – Pennyroyal Tea (In Utero – Steve Albini Mix,1993)
CONVERGE – Last Light (You Fail Me, 2004)
RISE AND FALL – Forked Tongues (Into Oblivion, 2005)
JOE STRUMMER – Redemption Song (Streetcore, 2003)
MINOR THREAT – Filler (EP, 1981)

PROPAGANDHI – And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea (Less talk, More Rock, 1996)
TRAGEDY – The Day After (Vengeance, 2002)
HIS HERO IS GONE – Headless/Heartless (Monuments To Thieves, 1997)
NOFX – I’m Telling Tim (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes, 1997)
UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS – Death’s Door (Blood Lust, 2011)
CURSED – Reparations (Two, 2005)

DISMEMBER – Legion (Dismember, 2008)
SLAYER – Postmortem (Reign In Blood, 1986)
OBITUARY – Gates to hell (Slowly We Rot, 1989)
ENTOMBED – But Life goes on (Left Hand Path, 1990)
ASPHYX – Deathhammer (Deathhammer, 2012)
SEPULTURA – Arise (Arise, 1991)

POPOL VUH – Through Pain To Heaven (Nosferatu, 1978)
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Stone Free (Are You Experienced, 1967)
OPETH – Demon Of The Fall (My Arms, Your Hearse, 1998)
BLACK SABBATH – Orchid (Master Of Reality, 1971)
GOBLIN – Sighs (Suspiria, 1977)
BEATLES – Happiness Is A Warm Gun (The White Album, 1968)

SWANS – New Mind (Children Of God, 1987)
BRAINBOMBS – Slayer (Urge To Kill, 1999)
NERORGASMO – Nato Morto (Nerorgasmo, 1993)
DEATH IN JUNE – The Calling MK II (Nada!, 1985)
RAIME – Soil And Colts (Quarter Turns Over A Living Line, 2012)
SPK – Ground Zero:Infinity Dose (Information Overload Unit, 1981)


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