Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVIII
Curated by Split Cranium

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVIII Curated by SPLIT CRANIUM is all the way live! Let me tell you what is extra fun about being a part of this series is hearing how every mixture is full of surprises. SPLIT CRANIUM went to another planet of audio art with their song selection. Check out their description below, stream the mix and download after the jump!

Sean/Cvlt Nation kindly invited Split Cranium to compile a mix tape, and mentioned something about selecting some of our favorite D-beat oriented tracks. We’ve defiantly ignored Sean’s gentle prodding, and managed to avoid including any D-beat oriented tracks whatsoever. Instead what we’ve collected is an odd mix of of recent obsessions, long time favorites, and work by close friends who also happen to make great music. If there’s any unifying theme at all it is this: music that often includes “non-musical” elements and production – harsh electronics, murky effects and samples, horrible recordings, and sounds that exist outside the context of the song while occupying the same space. These are all things that have inspired us as musicians and have seeped into the music we make as Split Cranium. We hope you enjoy what we’ve collected and discover some new music along the way. Thanks for listening….. Go!
-xo Split Craniu

Stream Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVIII Curated by Split Cranium
[audio: Continuum.mp3, Fake Eyeball.mp3, The Die is Cast.mp3, Making love with the devil.mp3, Imitator (Ft. Daddy Freddy).mp3, Black Death.mp3, In Circles.mp3, Ghost Town.mp3, Tempelhof.mp3, Tender.mp3, The Swayy.mp3, Arc-Lite (Sonar).mp3, Dead Fader Remix.mp3, Blood Bath.mp3, Terre Paroxysm.mp3, Deafening.mp3, Martyrium.mp3|titles=William Fowler Collins and Gog “Continuum”,”Fake Eyeball”,Menace Ruine “The Die is Cast”,”Making Love With the Devil”,Razor X Productions (feat. Daddy Freddy) “Imitator”,”Black Death”,Rise and Fall “In Circles”,”Ghost Town”,Caspar Brötzmann Massaker “Tempelhof”,”Tender”,Portal “The Swayy”,”Arc-Lite (Sonar)”,Cloaks “00148 – Dead Fader Remix”,”Blood Bath”,Daniel Menche “Terre Paroxysm 4″,”Deafening”,Ides of Gemini “Martyrium”]

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XLVIII Curated by Split Cranium HERE!

1. William Fowler Collins and Gog “Continuum”
2. Strangulated Beatoffs “Fake Eyeball”
3. Menace Ruine “The Die is Cast”
4. Zouo “Making Love With the Devil”
5. Razor X Productions (feat. Daddy Freddy) “Imitator”
6. Brocas Helm “Black Death”
7. Rise and Fall “In Circles”
8. Damien Storm “Ghost Town”
9. Caspar Brötzmann Massaker “Tempelhof”
10. Circle X “Tender”
11. Portal “The Swayy”
12. Loop “Arc-Lite (Sonar)”
13. Cloaks “00148 – Dead Fader Remix”
14. Drunks With Guns “Blood Bath”
15. Daniel Menche “Terre Paroxysm 4”
16. Optical 8 “Deafening”
17. Ides of Gemini “Martyrium”

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