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We all have dreams, but it’s not always that we get to see our dreams become a reality. Well today, a feeling of marvel and wonderment has taken me over. Right now, I’m in a total dream state, because I get to talk about an album that for almost over two decades I never thought I would hear. The record I’m speaking of is Sonic Mass, the new AMEBIX album that will be out on Sept. 23rd via Easy Action Records. I have been listening to this album a least two times a day for the past two weeks & with each listen it becomes more & more a part of my physical and spiritual being. It’s made up of ten songs that will reshape the face of humanity & unlock some of the human mysteries we all ponder. The first thing that hit me about Sonic Mass was the sudden wave of positive energy. You can hear the audio cosmic force that AMEBIX conjures up on every song, either in the music itself or in the lyrical content. I’m super impressed with the words that Rob wrote for this album, he lets us into his world & you get to hear the direction his mind’s eye is pointed in. When you have “God of Grain” blasting out of your speakers, your whole world will quake because this song is one of the sickest post punk songs ever made! It starts off with this whisper of a chant, then it becomes a dark musical spacecraft that will take you on a journey around your past, future & present. The fuel for this intergalactic ride will be a huge bass line that is half nature/half metaphysical, & the driver on this trip will be the drums that are being beamed down from the sun. I will say this: if you hear this song and your neck does not start to snap back & forth, or your spirit is not awakened, you might be dead. AMEBIX wrecks shop because you can hear so much growth on Sonic Mass. It has been said that this is the album that they have always wanted to create, and from what I can hear I would say, yes, these songs will stand the test of time & then some. It’s pretty clear that these humans really opened up their hearts and put every part of their existence into making this album, which acts as a magnet for your soul. Musically, Sonic Mass is the perfect combination of the apocalyptic force of crust with the subversive melody of post punk. It’s almost unnatural how rad Sonic Mass Pt.2 sounds; Rob’s vocals are fucking black magic to my ears, while the Roy brings these primal beats into the groove that will leave you in awe. Stig’s guitar playing will have your daydreams walking away into a brand new universe. AMEBIX created an epic novel made up of despair, war, hope, enlightenment, so that the only way to see their vision is to bring their album Sonic Mass into your life. This is a killer piece of creativity that I will share with my kids & I hope they feel the need to share it with theirs.
[audio:|titles=Amebix Knights of the black sun]

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Sean Reveron

  • John

    Sounds awesome. Can’t wait for the release!

  • Not since my youth, my teen years of over 20 years ago has an album moved me as this one has. It has touched our collective souls if we allow ourselves and are willing to understand what that means. Sheer brilliance…