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Who says metal babes can’t dress up? As Women of Babylon, it is only natural to awaken our vessels with leather, lace, jewels and bones. Shamans of our souls are we, and on days when we want to conjure up the earthen goddesses in us all, we should look no further than Sisters of The Black Moon. Roughing the racks of flea markets, thrift stores and vintage shops everywhere, these moon sisters do more than just hand-me-down band tees.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Sara Larocca-Ramm, Rachel “Mama” Hunt, and Alecia Anne Marcum have joined forces in their love of 70s fashion and modern-day moon-seekers, with hidden homage to Sabbath, Maiden, & a Manson Family feel (in a good way). Browsing the archive, tunes of occult rock such as The Devil’s Blood always seem to pop into my head. I’ve been lurking the SOTBM treasures for quite some time now, and I have found that these threads fit the bill for invoking the mystic feminine divine without breaking the bank. With all bids starting at just $9.99, you can still afford the trip to the always out-of-state show. Not to mention, with new auctions each month, every piece is one-of-a-kind. But be warned, it can get a bit competitive.

So, ladies, if you need a dress for tonight’s ritual, a bag to hold your newly found carcass, some boots for grave-robbing, or a classic leather jacket to fight off the cold of the bodies, Sisters of the Black Moon will hook you up. You can still rough the late night shows and bottles of Jameson (or late night films and bottles of wine, depending upon your preference) while maintaining your womanly charm.


Photographs courtesy of SOTBM.


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