Stardust and Moonshine | Sisters of the Black Moon 2.0 by April 2, 2012 0 comments

The Moon Sisters are more magical than ever. Since their CVLT Nation introduction just short of a year ago, these beautiful ladies have transformed Sisters of the Black Moon into a thriving culmination of mystical treasures. Not only does their vintage shop continue to fill with unbelievable threads, but with the revamp of their official website, they’ve also formed some amazing collaborations, allowing their brand to expand and take form tenfold. SOTBM are now proud connoisseurs of organic apothecary and sanctuary items, metal-wielded, crystallized jewels, and custom-made regalia; working with and selling exclusive designs from artists and designers such as Ovate, Onward Into The Future, Alchemy, Heyoka Leather, and Irinalaaja. Stunning editorials by family friend Alexandra Valenti, who’s been by their side since the very beginning, are also a staple to their realm of shadowy eccentricities. These women truly do seek to create a world for their work to live in. And man, do I want to live there, too. But what is most magical about SOTBM is that in creating this world, it has become a sanctuary for like-minded creators, artisans and connoisseurs of shadowy delight. It’s yet just another manifestation they embody, emphasizing the inter-connectivity of humankind.

It is difficult not to become obsessed with all that SOTBM embodies. The magic just never seems to end. They have such a uncanny talent for connecting one with the heavens, the stars, the earth, the sea, the sun, and the ever glorious moon…

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