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A nineteen-minute long behemoth of decaying madness, Dyodyo Asema, is the bastard creation of Belgium raw sludge/black metal miscreants Alkerdeel and Dutch black metal/noise/industrial experimentalist Gnaw Their Tongues (a one-man well of madness project spearheaded by the infamous and mysterious Mories), and specifically written to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Belgian label Consouling Sounds. What comes together in this release are two bands that have as their core intent, as their ultimate sonic goal, the creation of immense and disgusting walls of obliterating, emaciated and evil sonic slime.


Alkerdeel provide the punk rawness in the picture, injecting in this bastard track a lethal dose of raw sludge, droning and grinding bogs of feedback and an inhumane ordeal of dissonant blackness. On the other hand, Gnaw Their Tongues does not hold anything back in designing its hideous and revolting wall of bleak and emaciated industrial dark ambient, carefully and meticulously designed as a backdrop to Arkedeel’s hideous droning and psychotic howling. The track starts out in a hallucinating doomy coma. It starts to slither and crawl under a continuous pounding of slimy, fuzzed-out sludge riffing and sounds something like as if Corrupted had decided to record a noise track. The crawling of slime and feedback continues ten minutes in, and at that point the song starts to twitch, shake and tremble and fall into a state of hysteric psychosis. Shit, at this point it gets really scary. Tempos become more sustained and scattered, more unpredictable and frenetic, while the noise and washes of feedback and static intensify and start buzzing with more intensity as the seconds tick by. Soon, toward the 15 minute mark, it feels like a swarm of millions of psychopathic, murderous fucking insects has wrapped itself around your skull and is eating its way to your brain through your fucking eye sockets. The madness spins out of control in a hideous escalation of raw black metal madness, winding and spiraling into a thunderstorm of blast beats, dissonance and angular, noisy fucking horror. The result is something so disgusting, evil and disturbing, that withstanding the full nineteen minutes of this demented and evil ride seems like something worthy of the worst nightmares. Something sickening and surreal at the same time, that stands perfectly somewhere between Black One era Sunn O))), Merzbow, Sutekh Hexen, Daniel Menche, Leviathan, Xasthur, Locrian and Moss. Ridiculously fucking evil, no other words. 

Pre-Order HERE, January 13th is the release date. Creep your self out.

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