“Summer In The Bay” PT. 2…
Featuring Footage From
Brainoil Scolex Your Enemy DHC Whitehorse and More

So to pick up from my (last post). I’d like to share some sights and sounds from some radical shows that happened here in the Bay over the course of this Summer.

On 6/14/12, Scolex, a new killer death metal band from Oakland was performing at The Shrouded Monkey. Here’s a chance to check out the show.

The next day Your Enemy was playing a show in Oakland with the legendary Godstomper:

Sixbrewbantha, from Canada also played. They are a ripping fast band that was embarking on a full United States tour. These folks stuck around and played a number of shows in the bay area, here’s footage from our show together:

Stares, from San Francisco also played. They are a fast hardcore/powerviolence band that specialize in heinous dissonance, check out their madness:

Ordstro, whom also hail from the bay area fast scene opened up the show. This is a new song of theirs:

Two nights later I went down to a house party that my friends DHC were playing. They rule, here’s some footage of them:

The next week brought the opportunity to play with Portland’s own purveyors of gore Blood Freak, check out a video of them covering Disrupt:

The Grindcore band I play with Your Enemy played:

Two new radical San Jose bands played as well that evening, first up was DEADPRESSURE,(ex-bird/shittyfucker drummer’s new band), check them out below:

T.A.D.R.O.E.V also from San Jose performed, here’s some footage of that:

Four Days later YE landed on another Epic show. Here’s some footage of the awesome wall of sound known as Whitehorse, from Australia:

Brainoil, whom are one of my favourite active bands played as well. Any time you get to share a bill with them is an honor. Here’s some footage of them performing “Opaque Reflections”:

Permanent Ruin, is a fast hardcore band from San Jose. Their drummer also played In Disgust…if you need a reason to check out a killer new bay area band band, here’s your chance:

Reivers, from Oakland also played. This band features members of Negative Standards/Acts of Sedition and the virally explosive Graf Orlock. This is super pissed off and tenacious politically chardged hardcore.

The continuation shall commence shortly.

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Featuring Footage From
Brainoil Scolex Your Enemy DHC Whitehorse and More

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Erick Has

You forgot to include Mortuous for those who appreciate kickass old school death metal.